Foods to avoid while breastfeeding and other important tips. Eating oily fish such as salmon, mackerel, sardines, trout and fresh tuna is recommended and beneficial for the health of a nursing woman, but should not be consumed more than two portions per week, because the risk of mercury content in them is high , due to pollution in the seas and oceans. Canned tuna is not considered a portion of fatty fish because the good fats are lost in the canning process.

Many mothers believe that eating certain foods makes their baby restless, but there is very little scientific evidence to support this claim. The list includes onions, cabbage, garlic and Brussels sprouts, especially if consumed in large quantities, citrus fruits, tomatoes and carbonated drinks. If any problem arises after consuming a certain food, it is correct to remove it from the menu temporarily.

Practical tips for feeding while breastfeeding

– Regular meals and breakfast are important, the mother must find time for herself; – Varied food is a key point, because the bouquet of smells and tastes in breast milk will help the baby to accept solid foods more easily later;

– Fruits and vegetables are especially important in the menu of nursing mothers, because they contain the necessary minerals and vitamins;

– Fast foods are not an option, as well as ready-made foods with artificial colors, sweeteners and other additives;

– Hydration is important, thirst is one of the symptoms of the oxytocin reflex. Drinking fluids is beneficial for breast milk;

Foods to avoid while breastfeeding

– Vitamin B is an essential vitamin for nursing mothers, it stimulates milk production. It is present in yeast and whole grains, so they are recommended;

– Losing weight, which is the goal of every woman who has already given birth, should be postponed until after breastfeeding. If this option is not accepted, it can be started by avoiding certain foods or by taking less food in quantity, but it should not be forgotten that such an approach can have a negative impact on breastfeeding. Many mothers are anxious to get back to their slim figure and fear that breastfeeding will delay their return to their desired pre-pregnancy weight to feel good in their own skin again.

In fact, breastfeeding stimulates the burning of fat that has accumulated during pregnancy, all that is needed is patience and thinking about the best for the baby. The guiding thought when choosing a nursing mother’s menu is that each organism is unique and each mother can discover for herself a different combination of milk-stimulating foods.

Functional foods, which support general health and act preventively, are the basis on which it is good to step in the preparation of the personal menu. Enjoyment of food is also an important element of good food choices. The satisfaction of the daily meals experienced by the mother’s body will be transmitted through the breast milk to the baby, and this will support the process of solid food feeding, which is very important for the small organism.