Toxic Ingredients in foods
foods That Contain Toxic Ingredients every day, but we can not store or call them seasoned eating more food substitutes

Foods That Contain Toxic Ingredients every day and still use them. We all love the delicious and aromatic food. But we have to ask whether better color and taste worth the risk to our health. Numerous studies have shown that food additives cause of cancer and other diseases.

Whatever we say, the food on a daily basis, we see the money is full of flavors, stabilizers, preservatives, additives, which in the long run could have a significant negative impact on health. Even the meat you are buying fresh from the butcher is injected with a substance that gives it a fresh color.

The next time the store when reach for your favorite sausage, focus your eyes on the small print of the composition of the sausage and carefully see how many E’s contained, and probably will notice the presence of sodium glutamate.

The latter, moreover moisture in almost every sausages. The first place among the most dangerous supplements occupies sodium nitrite. Used in the manufacture of meat products such as bacon, sausages, smoked meats.

This addition provides pleasant taste and natural red color of the meat and stops multiplication of bacteria, but at a high temperature is converted into chemical active compound, which can cause cancer.

Ingredient of various products butiloksianizol. Is it in vegetable oils, gums, chips. This is an antioxidant which prevents oxidation of the product and fat rancidity. The problem with this dietary supplement is that the body can be converted into another substance, leading to cancer.

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food substitutes, sodium glutamate, aspartame and olestra

Such an antioxidant is propyl gallate. The two ingredients are administered together in the products. The connection of propilgalata with the onset of cancer is still not yet been proven, but scientists recommend not to use products that contain it.

Fourth is sodium glutamate. It is an amino acid which affects the sensitivity of the receptors of your tongue. Thus it enhances the taste of food. Used as an ingredient in dressings, soups, chips meal. Sodium Glutamate damages the nerve cells.

Can cause headache and nausea. Aspartame is a sweetener that is used as a substitute for sugar in the dietary products. In 1970 and 2007 studies in experimental animals have shown aspartame relationship with the onset of cancer.

Hazardous ingredient is a substance olestra, which contains no calories and fat substitutes. Olestra inhibits the absorption not only fat but also trans fat and other nutrients that reduce the risk of heart disease. Salt is an ingredient that is found in almost everything we eat.

A small amount of it is required by the body. But people who overdo the salt, are at risk of increased blood pressure and risk of heart attack and worsening kidney function.