Foods that burn fat
Foods that burn fat not add additional weight

Foods that burn fat not add additional weight and thanks to some specific properties burn excess fat.  And more and more research suggests that the presence of more amounts of these foods is one of the most efficient and durable means for reducing and regulating weight. Some studies have shown that regular consumption of half a grapefruit or 150 g of fruit juice at each meal can reduce our weight in 2 weeks up to 2 kg.

Grapefruit lowers insulin levels and this reduces the desire to eat. Naturally, the less we eat, the fewer calories accumulate more and spend accumulated thereby reducing and weight. If you do not like grapefruit, you can mix it squeezed juice with orange juice or lemon, which will further strengthen your immunity.

Green tea burn fat

This plant is not only implies that prevents the formation of cancer cells, and helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases (Science is still looking for evidence of this), but also a positive effect on metabolism in the body. It is believed that drinking five cups of green tea can be burned 70-80 calories. Spicy food. Do you like spicy food?

For you it may be a novelty, but the spices help to melt the fat and cause sweating and increased heart rate, which speeds up metabolism. But if you love spicy chips and spicy fried food, you will hardly be able to get rid of the extra weight. Fat dairy products. These products not only provide our body with calcium, but also increase the production of vitamin D, which literally causes the cells to burn more fat.

Foods burn fat
Foods that burn fat reduce overweight strengthen the immune system

Be sure to include these products in your diet. If you take enough water, you will quite difficult to lose weight. The shortage of fluid in the body metabolism slows down, resulting in reducing the level of glucose in the blood to cause fatigue and headache. Studies show that a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon taken with food helps in the efficient absorption of sugar and lowers blood sugar.

It can be used instead of sugar, as a natural sweet taste. Food rich in proteins. Proteins are the necessary basis for the formation of muscle mass, and as is known, the more muscle your body has, the more fat you burn – even at rest. Moreover, for the absorption of proteins we expend more calories than the absorption of fats and carbohydrates. The best sources of protein are chicken and turkey white meat fish.