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Foods rich in Vitamin T, the penultimate member in the alphabet of vitamins

Foods rich in Vitamin T, the penultimate member in the alphabet of vitamins and not much known about it. Proven beneficial properties of vitamin T are associated with helping the formation of white blood cells in the body and blood coagulation or clotting and platelets. The main sources of Vitamin T are known to be egg and, in particular, yolk as well as sesame.

Vitamin T is rare, and to date science has not given much extensive information about its properties, application, and benefits.
Vitamin T is water soluble and is destroyed by alcohol. Also known as torulitin (torulitine). Although classified as a vitamin, it does not fully meet the definition of it, and for many people, Vitamin T is not. Often with this name jargon people call tequila or testosterone. There is even a Mexican diet with Vitamin T, which includes in its diet tacos, tortillas and tarts (big sandwiches).

According to the definition of the term vitamin, it is defined as a nutrient that, in small doses, is important for the regulation of metabolism in the body. Vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K fully meet this definition, whereas vitamin T remains questionable and does not meet this criterion. Most manufacturers of food supplements do not even include it unofficially in their catalogs and vitamin T can not be found on the market.

Sources of Vitamin T

The main sources of Vitamin T are egg yolks, sesame seeds, sesame seeds, sesame paste and tahana. Sometimes it is called Sesame Seed Factor. According to some studies, a good source of vitamin T is pumpkin. Vitamin T is found in certain amounts in the epidermis of some insects and in the fermentation of yeast.

Daily intake of Vitamin T

Because Vitamin T is not really recognized as a vitamin and an important health supplement, it is difficult for many medical professionals to determine the recommended daily intake, even for those who want to include it in their diet. How to get vitamins have a recommended daily intake, or they can accept them to match each organism, diet and diet.

sesame nuts
Foods rich in Vitamin T is priceless because it stops gaining

In this line of thought, it is a difficult task for specialists to determine levels of vitamin T overdose and what doses it would be toxic. There is no single answer if vitamin T should be consumed regularly and in what quantities. It can only be assumed that regular alcohol consumption is a prerequisite for vitamin T deficiency in the body.

Benefits of Vitamin T

According to experts, vitamin T is the only vitamin that regulates the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and body fat. It helps in the production of red blood cells and the proper functioning of the nervous system. Vitamin T regulates the exchange of homo-cytosine and solves problems related to skin pigmentation. It can be said that Vitamin T gives the body the energy needed to perform the normal daily activity.

Actually, it helps to convert the accepted food into body-free energy. Vitamin T has the ability to protect the nervous system and give energy to our brain. One of the most important functions of Vitamin T is related to the decomposition of carbohydrates that release energy in the body.

Regular consumption of Vitamin T-containing products, such as pumpkin, tahan, sesame, positively affects the overall health of a person by not creating premise for disease development. Helping blood coagulation and the formation of white blood cells in the body Vitamin T is particularly important for the prevention of some forms of anemia and haemophilia.