Foods rich in vitamin D and how to obtain your vitamin D intake. Vitamin D is useful for the brain, and is contained in large amounts in eggs, liver and

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Eating mostly dishes that are not on the list of foods rich in vitamin D

Poorer memory and brain damage in the absence of vitamin D. Catering, where there is a shortage of vitamin D, causing brain damage indicate surveys conducted at the University of Kentucky. This thesis is confirmed by the results of tests of memory.

Eating mostly dishes that are not on the list of foods rich in vitamin D, can lead to brain damage, according to a study at the University of Kentucky.

The leader of the research team Alan Butterfield stressed that the new findings show how important vitamin D to all organs and tissues, especially the brain. The adoption of adequate vitamin D leads to better memory and more efficient operation of the brain.

The results of a study conducted in rats showed that those wherein in the diet there was not enough of this vitamin, a few months receive brain damage and show bad results of the tests of memory.

Since vitamin D deficiency is often among the elderly, we examined how levels of this vitamin acts on the brain in middle age to old age, said Dr.

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detailed list of foods rich in vitamin D


Betarfild. In some parts of the world where food is not always the best quality and selection of food is scarce, the level of vitamin D in the average person is usually low, especially among the older population. Vitamin D is contained in fish oil, eggs and liver.

Synthesized under the action of sunlight on the skin and bones. Soluble in fat. There is a hypothesis that the continued absence of vitamin D in the body can lead to the development of cancer.

Vitamin D in fish oil. Vitamin D plays an important role in the immune system and regulates the levels of calcium and phosphorus in the blood.

A deficiency of vitamin D leads to the reduced absorption of calcium and phosphorus. In children, the absence of this vitamin is manifested as rickets – a condition characterized by bone deformation and growth retardation.