Food from nature against infections in renal failure
Foods from nature with antibacterial activity are known long before antibiotics

Antibiotics in recent years many denied because of its dual effect on the human body have an alternative . Many herbs and fruits appear foods with pronounced antibacterial properties and can prevent infection, to relieve inflammation and heal . Many cultures around the world have known bactericidal plants long before the discovery of penicillin in 1920, the ancient Egyptians placed on wounds honey to treat them and prevent infection.

The ancient Romans even used garlic to treat infections . With the advent of conventional antibiotics , however , Western medicine began to ignore the medicinal plants . But today, with growing concerns about overuse of antibiotics and the emergence of drug-resistant bacteria , the interest in herbal medicine is recovered .

The role of food from nature for intestinal infections colds and coughs

Unlike antibiotics , which destroy both useful and harmful bacteria in the body , plants leave intact the “good” bacteria. Although medical experts do not recommend complete avoidance of antibiotics ( many bacterial infections are serious enough to justify their use ), some types of foods and herbs to help prevent infection .

Cranberries instead of antibiotics in infections of the urinary bladder

Thesis that drinking cranberry juice helps bladder infections is supported by various scientific studies. In 2006, a

Food from nature the strongest antibiotics
Many herbs and fruits appear foods with pronounced antibacterial properties

study by researchers from the Polytechnic Institute in Worcester showed that cranberry juice and they actually prevent urinary tract infections .

Cranberries are proven bactericidal action.

They prevent the E. coli to be retained on the walls of the bladder, resulting in the formation of infection. In all clinical trials in women with these conditions proved that women who drink a glass of cranberry juice a day are less prone to recurrent infections than those who received the beneficial bacteria Lactobacillus, or nothing .
Cranberries are more effective for the prevention of infection , rather than as a means of treatment . Prophylaxis is recommended for a glass of cranberry juice daily. The juice should not be sweetened because sugar feeds the growth of bacteria .

Pomegranate instead antibiotic against infections in renal failure

Pomegranate is another fruit with potent antibacterial activity . The antioxidant properties of pomegranates are well established , but recently scientists have found that it kills harmful bacteria . In a study published in the International Journal of Microbiology , states that the pomegranate is effective against E. coli ,, Bacillus and Staphylococcus Tsereus .

In a clinical study in patients with renal failure on hemodialysis treatment , it turned out that those who drank pomegranate juice three times a week for one year is less likely to be hospitalized due to infection. The daily recommended dose is a cup of pomegranate juice daily. The strongest antibacterial properties shows the bark of pomegranate . It must be dried in the sun. Consumed in the form of tea – per liter of water put 4-5 from the dried peels .