Food useful for good digestion
Food useful for good digestion assimilation of our body depends almost our overall health, so keep your stomach in good shape

Food useful for good digestion against all diseases in the intestines.

The poor condition of the intestinal flora may be detrimental to the whole body and not just because of problems such as uncomfortable bloating, heartburn, bloating and abdominal cramps.

Indispositions in the gastrointestinal tract leading to a number of other diseases – eczema, diabetes, asthma, heart failure, and even depression. It is therefore particularly important to love your stomach and to help them work better.

They say that a good broth and raise the dead. It turns out that this is not a lie. Why do you think snacking hot chicken soup or recommend us to drink soup when we are sick? Bone broth is the elixir of the gastrointestinal tract. It neutralizes the inflammation of the intestine, forming a protective layer on the membrane to them. Is extremely useful in reflux, colitis different, even ulcers. Fish. Which is one of the lightest and helpful dinners? Hardly will you surprised when I tell you that fish.

Stop on mackerel, salmon and tuna. In addition, they contain large amounts of vitamin D, fish that are very rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are perfect for good digestion. Vitamin D does increase levels of cathelicidin – protein that successfully destroys the intestinal bacteria and viruses.

Other benefits of fish that is low in carbohydrates and easily digestible. Curd. One of the most important amino acids for the lining of the small intestine is glutamine, which helps to maintain the integrity of the gastrointestinal tract and the normal flow of the processes therein. In combination with proteins, it facilitates the bowel and the liver, as well as maintaining proper acid balance in the body.

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Food useful for good digestion against all diseases in the intestines

Where to meet in abundance? The answer – in the curd. Whether cow’s milk or other, do not ignore if you want to have a strong stomach and digestion perfectly. Fermented foods. Are you aware that some of the world-famous supermodels add sauerkraut to each their own breakfast? Why?

Because it is a fermented food, these foods are known to the content of natural lactic acid enzymes that affect very well in the digestive tract and create an environment that is conducive to absorption of vitamins, especially those from group B. And finally another fermented super food – pickles, of course. In case you did not like it, replace it with yogurt. You know that it contains beneficial bacteria that restore the normal flora of the digestive tract.

It is therefore advisable to eat it half a pot at least once every two days. Why not add oatmeal in the bucket? Constitute them cellulose protects the stomach from any external negative influences. Danewort thicket. We can not mention the “winner” among the digestion of fruit – very useful danewort thicket. Fines for its astringent fruits containing huge amount of polyphenols help to increase the number of beneficial bacteria in the gut and detoxifying them. Bananas. Among the most popular fruits operating well on the stomach are bananas.

They have the ability to restore the normal function of the intestine, especially in diarrhea and to facilitate digestion, thanks to its fibers. The pineapple is the fruit does, which is famous for its bromilin – precious substance, improving digestion and absorption of food. Honey is useful for almost everything, so no “hidden” benefits and stomach. It normalizes the amount of gastric juice, helps to facilitate food absorption and accelerates the process of digestion. Salvia. Here is the herb, which is the first friend of the gastrointestinal tract – sage.

Thanks to its large amount of volatile oils and phenolic acids, it has anti-inflammatory effects in various diseases of the digestive system. If you suffer from constant colic, gastritis and colitis, must be “consultation” of this herb. Do not forget about rosemary, dill and ginger, which are also in the category of herbs guarding the health of the stomach. Digestive process is essential to have in shape and feel not only healthy, but to be healthy.