Food that will wake you up better than coffee and great health benefits for a successful day. For people, waking up in the morning is related to the notion of a cup of hot aromatic coffee. It not only acts on the still sleepy consciousness with the associations of the spilling heat on the body, the unique favorite aroma, but also evokes the well-known sense of cheerfulness that accompanies the morning drink.

Food better than coffee
Food better than coffee

If we are asleep and find it difficult to get our body into active mode, we immediately reach for a cup of coffee. Almost no one wonders if there is anything that can awaken us as successfully as coffee does. In most people’s minds, there is no other tool that can handle this difficult task so successfully. Even less useful food.

This view is wrong. There is food that is not inferior to the famous beverage and at the same time has no negative effects. This is the well-known apple fruit. That is why apple is superior to coffee and is a better choice for waking up in the morning.

If we wake up with coffee, it depends on the amount of caffeine that has its negatives. Apple provides the necessary energy through sugar fructose, which is a natural product. The so-called slow sugars have no negative effects on the body.

Food that will wake you up better than coffee
Food that will wake you up better than coffee will make your work day more successful and rewarding

Eating an apple will not make it difficult for the stomach, it does not weigh on it, unlike coffee. It also does not affect blood. Caffeine is stronger at waking up, but apple gives the body an easy option to activate naturally. It does not cause irritation and a sense of lack of sleep, as happens after drinking coffee.

The health benefits of apple are innumerable. It contains vitamins A, C, most B vitamins, as well as pectin. It plays the role of an absorber of water and toxins in the body. It is also known to be very useful for lowering cholesterol and regulating high blood pressure.

Apples are a healthy way to wake up the body without any consequences for it. It is especially suitable for waking up in people with health problems who need to avoid coffee – diabetics suffering from intestinal disorders, heart patients and others.

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Behind the Latin name Tsiperus esculentus is a modest plant with a surprisingly wide application in medicine and the culinary arts.
The chufa (which looks through the gallery), which in Spanish means earthy almond, impresses with a buttery and dense flavor right on a nut. Whether it is cooked and cooked as a salty appetizer or will go into recipes for delicious masterpieces with sophisticated taste, this cultured Spanish plant will be well-deserved.

It is on the Iberian Peninsula that the aroma of the puff is filled and served, after many different recipes have been prepared, which suggest to us ingeniously that we can use its tubers for coffee.

The difference, however, which inevitably increases the value of such an experiment is the absence of caffeine in the brewed beverage. In contrast, in the consumption of tuff, our body receives a number of useful substances: oleic acid, omega-9, arginine – an amino acid that is good for patients with anemia, as well as phosphorus and potassium.

Since nuts are perfectly combined with chocolate desserts, coffee, milk and sweet toppings, they can be served in different drinks – hot or cold, depending on personal preference and season. In Spain, the orchat drink is very popular, but instead of rice, as the original recipe dictates, to get it home, the main player here is the tubers.