Food against spring fever
Fortunately healthy eating always helps us to deal with the problem

Food against spring fatigue, how to fight fatigue and lack of energy. Spring is here and with it comes the spring fatigue. Fortunately healthy eating always helps us to deal with the problem. Correctly selected foods rich in nutrients and minerals have beneficial effects on the whole organism.

After the winter is normal to feel tired and some even fall into depression. This often leads to more abundant meal, which in turn will make things even worse.

The best option to deal with spring fatigue is to bet on foods that strengthen your body. They will deliver you the feeling of spring fatigue.

Food against spring fever

Cereal grains. Ideal for breakfast, you can take them with both water and milk. For this purpose it is necessary only to boil. Wheat grains are not only fighting depression, but also reduce blood sugar, which in turn helps the elimination of toxins accumulated during the winter months and leads to weight loss.

breakast against spring fatigue
How to fight fatigue and lack of energy

Spinach. Vegetable is a rich source of iron, calcium and vitamins A and C. This makes it an excellent food for bones and brain and universal means of addressing the spring fatigue.

Salmon. Undoubtedly one of the most nutritious food, salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. They proved keep heart disease. In addition it will help you keep your memories for longer, they will improve your mood. Yogurt. Rich source of protein for the body so sad after winter.

Citrus fruits. And especially – blueberries. The fruits are full of vitamin C, minerals and antioxidants. For blueberries allegedly can prevent some types of cancer. Avocado. This taken for fruit product is the only one that contains fats that reduce the level of bad cholesterol.

lunch against spring fatigue
Food against spring fatigue, eat products rich in omega-3 fatty acids and proteins

Avocados contain fiber and vitamin E, which fights cancer development. In addition to these foods, experts recommend betting on beans, turkey and chicken to fight depression. Avoid beef and pork. The meat should be cooked on the grill and served with a garnish of nice salad.

Water – Water is one of the key elements to deal with any ailment. The more water you drink, the better. According to nutritionists it is extremely helpful to drink every morning for half an hour before breakfast in half a cup freshly squeezed lemon juice diluted with a little water.

He will act tonic and instantly expelled spring fatigue, which is particularly relevant in the current month. Moreover lemon juice will regulate metabolism and so effortless to get rid of excess weight. Required only to be permanent and not to miss the procedure.