What you can eat and what is dangerous? Meat expiration date is dangerous to health. Discard meat and ice cream if they are expired, the fish is not a problem, although it will not be tasty and throw tomatoes only if there is a mold or smell of alcohol. Terms of food is to protect human health and reduce the possibility of contamination with bacteria

Problems of food with expiration date
Terms of food is to protect human health and reduce the possibility of contamination with bacteria from foodTerms of food is to protect human health

from food, but some food is much better to rely on scent and color, because it can happen that can throw food that is still edible. In Britain each year are discarded 7 million tons of food and drink expired, and can be eaten, writes Daily Mail.

Expiration date of tomatoes. This tasty vegetable usually does not come with document life, but many people throw tomatoes, even if they are crushed. Unlike other vegetables, tomatoes are tastier if you stay a little longer. Even if their interior darkens, they remain edible only need to peel. Tomatoes are hazardous to health if their surface appear mold if they become watery or smell of alcohol.

Can you eat fish expiration date? Fillets of fresh fish, such as salmon or tuna, can stay fresh for weeks after packing, subject to stand in the refrigerator. At that time, can be eaten, but there will be so good taste. Fresh fish sometimes travel two to three weeks after the catch, so when you buy should be given special attention. White fish should have a clear and glowing skin, it is odorless and hard, if pressed. If you smell like ammonia, do not buy, because the smell coming from the degradation of the acids in meat and the worst fish looks greenish and it is dangerous to health.

It is not good to eat ice cream after expiration date. Even if stored in the freezer, the ice cream has a short life because it has a high proportion of fat, which are easily broken. Three months after the deadline will lose the whole flavor, and it is best not to eat after its deadline pass. Corrupted ice cream you recognize the dark color and sour taste.

Expiration date of milk
Woman reading label on milk Expiration date

Old pates and sausages can be poisonous. In pre-treated meat is reasonable to strictly adhere to the expiry date, otherwise it can lead to poisoning. When processing the meat is exposed to the bacteria E. coli and listeria, and contaminated meat can be identified by the dark areas. If the surface of the sausages is sticky, instead of smooth and glossy, or in a darker color, it is best to dispose of them.

Eat yogurt quiet, but only if it is opened. This dairy product can be eaten long after expiration date, but only if it was opened. In the process of fermentation milk stabilized, so can long endure, but must be disposed of first occurrence of mold, which in yogurt can occur in all colors.

How long can we keep eggs? Objectives and healthy eggs can stay in the refrigerator for three to five weeks, fresh yolks of two to four days, and hard-boiled eggs in a week. Eggs can be stored in the freezer for up to one year. Place eggs in the coldest part of the refrigerator, not on the door. To test the egg, place it in a bowl of water. If you came to the surface, throw it away if you sink to eat.

Flour and spices. Powdered spices like chili powder and pepper, you can use up to six months after expiration date if they indicated that they are steam pasteurized or treated to kill all germs and fungi. Microscopic organisms live in dry foods such as flour and spices. They are difficult to see with the naked eye but can be seen small black dots by placing the flour and spices in the food. If you see throw food.

It is dangerous to eat chicken with expired over three days. Unlike fish, chicken spoils very quickly. If you feel unpleasant smell, wash the meat under running water and smell it again. If you continue to have odor, discard it. In general, dangerous to eat chicken three days after expiration date because of the possibility of contamination by salmonella and other bacteria.