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Food and headaches affect how artificial sugar substitutes, sweating, difficulty breathing, alcohol, coffee and canned meat

Is there a connection between food and headache and how to understand what you need to eat to no migraines? Ordinary food is not only cheaper and accessible, but also more beneficial to health than exotic delicacies. Contained in some of these substances are a shortcut to headaches. Firstly, among the products which cause migraine is food that contains amines biologically active substances, which narrows to the top, and then expand the vessels of the brain. When pain arises. Amines tiraminat to decline.

It gives a flavor of expensive imported cheeses, ham, smoked fish, sausages and other meat and fish products, Marinade, sauces, even some fruit / citrus, pineapples, bananas / nuts. Tiraminat in the body to compete with one of the important mediators in the brain – as it shifted serotonin from its receptors. Violation of metabolism of serotonin may be the cause of headaches. The noted dark chocolate improves mood, because contained therein cocoa involved in the synthesis of a substance in the brain, a relative Opium – phenylethylamine. It can also result in lower levels of serotonin and hence severe migraine attack.

Useful dark chocolate is the most common migraine provocateurs lovers of good food. So, should be consumed in moderation because it still contains calories / day dose of two squares /. The coffee can also expand the vessels of the brain, which causes pain. In this case, no more than one coffee a day. Caffeine is also found in tea, cocoa and car. Be careful with them. Alcohol. Transferring measure evening we naturally understand that hangover in the morning is guaranteed. But more moderate amounts of dry red wine, champagne and expensive beer / especially dark / can cause headaches. All have heard of sodium glutamate.

Food and headache
Is there a connection between food and headache and how to understand what you need to eat

It does not contain only cheap Fast Food. Solid portion of it we can get and expensive restaurant. It is a favorite spice in Chinese restaurants. Basically glutamate is not harmful, it is a natural signaling agent in the transmission of signals in the brain. But it should not overdo it with him / daily dose of 9 g /. There are those in which even a pinch of glutamate causes headache, sweating, difficulty in breathing. They are about 10% of people. Suffering from so-called.

Chinese restaurant syndrome not only have to visit these places, but also carefully read the composition of the products they buy / glutamate sometimes hides under the name hydrolyzed vegetable protein /. In some people the headache can be caused by the nitrite. They are used for preserving meat and give it a special flavor and pink color. You must mention and artificial sugar substitutes, particularly aspartame, which can also cause headaches and rise in blood pressure.

If you can not drink coffee and tea without sweetener better use a little sugar, if your weight and your carbohydrate tolerance to allow it. Although it is a little off topic will mention that the substances of tobacco smoke narrows the vessels and can also cause pain. If the headache is very common, prolonged, or accompanied by nausea and vomiting do not delay and a neurologist.