Food against sex for most people, food for sex will sound almost unexpected and even scandalous, but for low sexual appetite, the appetite of the table may be to blame. Some foods consumed too often not only spoil the figure, with which everyone agrees, but they can cause a fiasco in bed. Here are some foods that can completely unknowingly kill sexual desire (aphrodisiacs). And, yes, what you eat affects your sexual desires.

Ice creem against sex

Food against sex are all around us without you suspect. Fried food There is constant talk about the harm of fat in which food is fried, about health and tone. Deprivation of the body’s natural activity also has a negative effect on sexual life. Soy milk Although not a popular food item for the average citizen, soy milk is a regular food for vegetarians. It is part of a healthy diet, but along with the pros, there are some drawbacks.

Why is it undesirable to consume food before sex

Soy milk contains plant estrogens, which change the body’s hormonal background. If estrogen is initially at a higher level, a hormonal imbalance will occur, which will reduce the ability of sex to be pleasurable. Therefore, in the absence of serious reasons for choosing this milk as an alternative to cow due to allergies or other health reasons, it is good to mix soy milk with ordinary and so add to tea or coffee in the morning.

Food against sex

Cheese and ice cream Dairy products reduce the overall tone and increase the negative effects of the menstrual cycle in women, the effects are very unpleasant – cramps, bloating and others. Diluting their consumption is a way to regulate things. Alcoholic beverages Small amounts of these addictive drinks would not work, they are even a way to remove internal barriers and restrictions, but alcohol abuse suppresses sexual desire. In addition, they lead to dehydration, and physical discomfort creates serious obstacles to intimate life.

Useful food against sex

Ready meals All fast food foods are treated with chemicals, and they cause hormonal imbalances. If you want to eat sandwiches, they can be prepared at home with fresh products. The limit of ready burgers and vegetarian hot dogs is 3 servings per week. The sweets Sweets in small quantities are not only not harmful, but also recommended to provide carbohydrates to the body. However, low sexual desire can be an unexpected consequence of excessive consumption of sweets and sweets. They raise blood sugar levels, which eliminates sexual hunger.

Soya against sex

Drinking water Perhaps the most surprising reason for the lack of sexual desire may be the drinking water from the tap. For its disinfection, however, means are used that drain the vital energy. It is therefore advisable to filter or boil the water before drinking. Foods against sex, or in other words, these are foods that reduce the desire for sex. The reason is low in calories and glucose