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Some important rules for losing weight that we can easily follow and will bring about results

Here are five important tips to lose weight that we can easily follow and will bring about results! Undoubtedly this question is very interesting and attractive for many people, especially ladies, and the holidays are approaching as well. But often diets don’t give results or the results they give are temporary.

We manage to lose weight but then the lost weight comes back, sometimes we put even more weight than before, and sometimes there are also negative side effects for our health. Why does that happen and how can we change it? There are ways to lose and maintain weight that are natural, useful for the body, without a yo-yo effect, without starvation or extremely expensive procedures, and they all come from NATURE! These are ways that are also easy, delicious and pleasant!

Many specialists will say to you that we can change the way we look by changing our diet. And this is the main factor so that we can gain a result that is sustainable in time. But then what do we eat?

Tip number 1: no weight loss products! This may sound counter logic but based on my experience – personal and with clients, I can confirm it. Most of the time such products cost big money, they have artificial ingredients that are harmful and have no effect! Alas, there is no magic pill to lose weight, as much as the add may be convincing. The products that claim they will help you lose weight quickly and easily can bring one thing for sure – more expenses for you.

Tip number 2: less processed food. Everyone knows that it has less nutritious substances. Try to consume cooked food no more than 1 or 2 per day, and the rest of the time have more fruits, vegetables and eggs. There are a lot of recipes in the internet for vegans, vegetarians, etc. people with various tastes and preferences that don’t require much time to prepare or some complicated ingredients… What I am trying to say is that there is a solution that is much simpler than we think!

tips to lose weight
which is to do mental processes during meals

Tip number 3: order of intake of various food. That is another very important thing! A small trick that can help you achieve your goal is to eat the veggies before the main dish and the fruits before the veggies. It sounds illogical at first sight but this is the logic that our bodies follow. Firstly, the fruits are assimilated more easily than vegetables and it is logical that we eat them first. And secondly, in this way you leave less space in your stomach for processed food that is assimilated slowly than fruits and vegetables. In this way we eat our fruits and vegetables and we do not deprive ourselves of the other food!

Tip number 4: and now with the risk of repeating all the tips from doctors and specialists – drink a lot of water! This means 30 ml./ day/ 1 kg. body weight. The water helps the body clean up.

Tip number 5: positive thinking. An important element for assimilation of the food is what we think while we eat. For example, we can visualize how the food we eat is giving us the energy we need to spend another happy day. Close your eyes and think: “I am now eating nutritious and quality food that gives me what I need to feel strong, healthy and in perfect shape”.
Which tip did you like best? What works for you?

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