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Feeding that will keep your youth, with some simple adjustments to the daily menu

Feeding that will keep your youth, with some simple adjustments to the daily menu, health and youth can be preserved for long. If you follow the tips below, in just a few months you will notice the positive results – you will look better and be healthier.

1. Eat 600-1200 g of fruit and vegetables a day – choose fruits and vegetables of different kinds and different colors. Eat at least one large serving of salad every day. Why this is important: Fruits and vegetables protect against cardiovascular disease that is the leading cause of death among women. They also contain a large amount of vitamins, minerals and other biologically active substances that slow the aging process in the body.

Eat more whole grains – the less white bread, cornflakes and ground rice, the better! Replace them with black whole-grain bread, high-quality durum wheat macaroni, brown rice and oatmeal. The need for such products is about 500 g per day. Why this is important: Raw cereals contain a large amount of complex carbohydrates, which are a valuable source of energy.

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Feeding that will keep your youth and neutralize the damage from free radicals in the body

3. Eat at least 200-300g of fish and seafood a week – try to diversify your menu as much as you try different types of fish and seafood. Why this is important: fish and seafood contain unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids, which are necessary for a healthy heart and vessels, as well as vitamins that slow down the aging process.

4. Eat 150 g of protein-rich products every day – chicken and turkey meat, eggs, legumes, curd and not very greasy cheeses. If you are actively engaged in sports or fitness, your body needs more protein – 1.2-1.5g per kilogram of weight per day. Why is this important: proteins are necessary for the growth and strength of muscles and bones. The older one is, the more he needs them.

5. Eat nuts – Eat each day a small handful of different nuts or add them to vegetable and fruit salads or other dishes. Why this is important: nuts contain large amounts of antioxidants, above all vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids.

6. Consume regular fresh and yogurt – about half a liter of milk a day. Choose yogurt with bifidobacteria. Why is this important: milk and its derivatives are an excellent source of easily digestible proteins. Preferred are low and medium fat products.

7. Drink at least two glasses of green tea a day – at the same time it is good to limit coffee and black tea. Why this is important: green tea is a catechist-containing champion who can “conserve” the body by slowing down the aging process.

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If you follow the tips below, in just a few months you will notice the positive results

8. Drink fruit cocktails – drink each day a glass of freshly prepared fruit and fruit-milk cocktails. Why is this important: fruits, especially small summer fruits such as raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, blackberries, cherries, cherries, etc., hide a treasure trove of antioxidants that neutralize the damage from free radicals in the body.

9. Eat less red meat – this is especially true for pork, beef and mutton. The norm is no more than 500 g per week. Why this is important: if they are consumed too often and in large quantities, these types of meat increase the risk of developing malignant neoplasms.

10. The less processed meat products the better – ready-made pates, sausages and smoked sausages are a true store of all kinds of preservatives and flavor enhancers, and they also contain too much salt. Preservative supplements are potential carcinogens, and many salt in salami and other sausages can provoke an increase in blood pressure.