favorite appetizer
fish dishes and entrees of fish are an excellent choice when you want to charm someone with their culinary skills

Favorite appetizer issued your character and diet. It is believed that one can largely be determined what nature only according to his way of eating.

Appetizers that Serve the party you are a great way to discover the essence of someone. Look at your friends and you will understand that we are doing.

Mushrooms with oil: You’re not the party only to swallow as much food. The exquisite flavor suits you and certainly aspire to lead their lives in this way. Pretentious and you want everything to be on your way.

Do not all attendees are at your level and class. Cheese Bites: Classic reveler who just needs any appetizer for his drink. Cheerful and smiling person you are and the lack of fine food can reduce the degree of your mood.

Spring rolls: First you have probably terribly hungry and would prefer to have a real restaurant, not closed in the test suite with huge noisy crowd around him.

We can not blame that did not move from the table with hors d’oeuvres, but they can really fill you up and are likely when you finish with them, and now you’re not so hungry to realize that in fact the party is not so bad.

appetizer shows your character
Favorite appetizer shows your character, including diet

Spinach dip

Surely you are an unusual person who attracts the eyes and managed to arouse the interest of his interlocutors. Keep it up.

Few people have the courage to be different from the crowd, but they usually cause much more interesting way of life and can not and must not be tamed.

Vegetable Starters

You’re probably on a permanent diet and worry as the way you look and from your diet. Relax and have fun. It does not matter whether others will not like your lifestyle – most importantly you can have fun and forget about prejudice. Appetizers are a very important part of the ritual of eating.