recipe garlic and water
Fast recipe garlic and water – your salvation from many diseases

Fast recipe garlic and water – save you from a bunch of diseases! After 20 years of illness, my body began to literally fall. I was tormenting swift and frequent tiredness, my legs were swollen, I was often given hope even if I was only on a oatmeal with water.

The constant ill health and lack of air were my companions. Not to mention their overweight – 90 pounds with a height of 165 cm. In addition to that, I began to notice an unpleasant eardrop, which appeared and died for a short while.

I started terrible pains in my neck and back, started to lose my eyesight, feel like an idiot in front of me because I can not control my problems. One day at Easter we went to the market with a large egg basket.

I took the eggs, and since there was another place in the basket, I saw that a grandmother sold a nice and big garlic and decided to buy. As he reached the grandmother, I suddenly blackened, and as if someone with a hammer hit my head, only black and yellow circles in front of my eyes.

I remember dropping out of the basket, gathered people, and at that moment the grandmother came and gave me ammonia. When you ask and take a breath, she advises me to make this old recipe, which she has been using for 20 years now and feels good thanks to her.

Here is my salvation – ordinary garlic and water!

In a mortar, crush 50 large cloves of garlic, but Bulgarian (not Chinese). Put the garlic pulp into a glass jar and add 1 h. boiled but fully chilled water. Close the jar and cover it with a cloth, put it in a warm place for 3 days.

garlic and water
garlic and water is easy and fast to make you healthy all year round

Then weigh the mixture, discard the residue and return the liquid (jar) to the jar. Close and place in the refrigerator, where you store it.

Take Chew water

Take 8-10 drops of the solution, dissolve in 1 tsp. cold water and drink, three times a day at 1 hour.
This garlic drink is useful for:
– diseases of the cardiovascular system,
– to prevent myocardial infarction;
– purifies the body from fat;
– Improves metabolism;
– Restores vision;
– To prevent atherosclerosis;
– Rejuvenates the body.

The course of this treatment can be repeated after 5 years.
People with stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer, gastritis, and heartburn do not take this stomach.