Eye exercises to improve vision

It is difficult to overestimate the role of vision. More than 70% of the information about the world around her by obtaining visual channel. Human eyes are the main means of acquiring knowledge, but also help us to engage in activities that are fun for us. Deterioration of vision can deprive us of driving a car from enjoying certain types of art, the game of golf without assistance and more. Certainly the quality of life changes over the reduction of vision.

Valuable advices to improve vision

Gymnastics for the eyes to improve vision

Valuable advices to improve vision

Eye exercises can dramatically improve your vision.
During the day the eyes, that’s why it’s good to find a few minutes in which to give them a break. This will improve your eyesight will restore your energy, get rid of the headache, which is often due to vision problems.

The colors of objects important for vision

The color scheme of the objects that surround us is very important for the health of our eyes. Intense, bright and unnatural colors often irritate the optic nerves as green as a soothing color. Besides exercise, watch green object, whether painting or lawn neighbor each hour of concentrated work. This will soothe your tired eyes and make the exercises more effective.
While relaxing at work, massage your eyes carefully. Repeat the exercises.

Gymnastics for the eyes to improve vision

Exercise 1
Place your index fingers upright before his face off around 40 cm from the eye level. Watch them for a while, then apart sideways bookmarks in the same upright position. Try to keep track of both your two fingers in his peripheral vision. Watch them for a while and then move your finger to the start point of the exercise. Then proceed to the next exercise without rest.
Exercise 2

dramatically improve your vision

Eye exercises can dramatically improve your vision.

Watch bookmarks. Then move your gaze on an object, a few feet in front of you. Watch the site for about 5 seconds, then focused again on his fingers for roughly the same time. Repeat the exercise several times.
Exercise 3
Close your eyes and press your eyeballs slightly with your finger six times. Open your eyes and try not to blink for 6 seconds. Repeat the exercise 3 times.
Exercise 4
Close your eyes tightly and open them wide 6 times. Then open your eyes and try not to blink six seconds. Repeat the exercise 3 times.
Exercise 5
The exercise is based on the rotation of the eyes. Look down, then right, up, left and down again. Repeat the movement three times. Then look straight ahead. Repeat the rotation, but this time clockwise. Repeat 3 times.
Exercise 6
Flashes for half a minute as fast as you can. Do not close your eyes tightly, just flashes quickly. After completing the exercises, close your eyes for a few minutes.

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