Egg muffins with broccoli
Egg muffins with broccoli carrots and parsley ideal snack for people who practice sports

Egg muffins with broccoli carrots and parsley ideal snack for people who practice sports. You will travel and are wondering what to prepare food for the trip?

Egg muffins in all their forms are a wonderful idea for “easy food.” Easy because it is easy to prepare, easy and because it eats easily at any time.

Egg muffins with broccoli carrots and parsley are always a good idea! They may be an idea for filling breakfast that can prepare even the night before, egg muffins with broccoli, carrots and parsley can put in your box lunch in the office.

The addition of rosemary gives a nice flavor and makes cute little omelettes even more tempting dish.
6 pcs eggs,size M
3 pcs smaller “florets” broccoli (about 60 g)
1 small carrot (50 g)
Pinch of finely chopped parsley
Salt and loose savory taste
Vegetables are cut into small cubes and confused with eggs, parsley, salt and savory. The resulting mixture was poured into a greased tray to form for muffins (or in silicone molds in which it is not necessary to put fat) and baked in a preheated 200 ° C oven for about 20 minutes (until the muffins rise and give golden crust).

Egg muffins with broccoli and parsley
Egg muffins with broccoli carrots and parsley add ingredients to your body nutritious food for athletes and people using smart work

If you want to shorten the cooking time, turn the oven to preheat. Another easy way to cook the muffins to first arrange the sliced ​​vegetables in trays tray, then pour on top with beaten eggs spices.

The recipe tolerate many variations according to personal preferences. You can change the type of vegetables – is a successful combination of green and red peppers, carrots and boiled peas.

If you want more fat, you can add grated cheese. The recipe is quick, easy, and low-calorie way to more interesting consumption of eggs cooked standard. Make muffins evening to have breakfast ready in everyday life or take them with you to the office.

Enjoy your delicious!