Eating together at home is very important for a family. Why are family lunch and dinner important to the family? Life today is a fast-paced race against time. Most things are done on foot, even eating. Fast food restaurants have created a new culture that has quickly delivered negative results – both healthy and social.

Eating together at home
Eating together at home

Individual nutrition has as a major negative the choice of food – something fast, without looking at the composition and its benefits or harms. Moral damages are no less important. These include creating a sense of alienation and self-sufficiency that reflect on a person’s ability to build social relationships.

Lack of need and interest in family life, which is the basis for loneliness. In response to these trends, the world begins to rediscover the old truth about the essence of family gathering around the mass of lunch and dinner. People are clearly aware that spending time around the table is the backbone of family life.

It is a reliable indicator of family functioning. Home-based eating is a daily, routine and structured activity that plays a major role in children’s lives. Gives them the feeling of being loved by loved ones. It gives them a sense of security. Food soothes children. It creates emotional confidence when it is shared with the people they rely on.

This is a time spent in a protected environment, creating a true picture of how life is structured and what its important boundaries are. It has been proven that children who eat regularly with their family are better able to handle all life’s tasks, not only nutrition, but also social life, emotions, school.

Happy family
Family prepare lunch at home

They have a positive attitude towards food, do not suffer from eating disorders, are more lively and do not become addicted to bad habits. Feeding with your family recharges every member of your family emotionally.

Usually, around the table, the family talks and shares the problems of daily life, gives or receives tips on how to deal with a difficult life dilemma, and is confident that there is support from others. This creates a sense of security and satisfaction, of the peace that all problems will find their solution because they will be overcome together.

A shared dinner helps create healthy habits as it eliminates indiscriminate ingestion of any food and provides a choice of home-cooked meals that build the taste and preferences most often for life. The magic of home dining extends in many directions.

It is not difficult to realize that the tradition of gathering loved ones around a common mass is not a coincidence, but a fully realized and imposed necessity that builds and maintains sustainable traits of each individual’s character. It creates values, affirms positive qualities, and collective memory reminds them because they are important and necessary.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – this maxim is known to everyone.

And since the rule is that the breakfast is plentiful, at noon we will not be so hungry and will eat half of our previous portions. And it is also clear for dinner – it is eaten no later than eight o’clock or until the sun goes down, and in small doses so that it does not weigh us at night. But let’s take a closer look at these set rules and see if they are real. Nutritionists believe that the highest activity of the digestive system is in the early morning. This activity decreases with each passing hour. A study was conducted in which 93 overweight women participated.

At the end of the experiment, the results were very interesting, although the amount of calories was equal for everyone. The heavy breakfast group lost a lot of weight, especially in the hips. And since we have to eat a lot in the morning, it is good to think about what food to include in our morning menu. First of all, the food must be tailored to your individual body needs. This can be determined in consultation with a nutritionist.

And the fact that breakfast should be plentiful does not mean that it should be in large quantities and of poor quality food. Bet on fresh and healthy foods. Next is lunch. It should be more modest than breakfast, but sufficient to give you strength for the rest of the day.