Daily eating garlic prevents cancer
Daily eating garlic prevents cancer and increases the human immune system,

Garlic save smokers from lung cancer. Еating garlic prevents cancer. The consumption of garlic twice a week to decrease the risk of developing lung cancer.

This conclusion reached collaborators from the Center for Control and Prevention of Disease Tszyans, China. Scientists confirm that people who are included in your diet garlic, are 44 percent less likely to develop the deadly disease. Garlic even effectively ” working ”, and in smokers (80% of the smoking causes lung cancer), and reduced the risk by 30%.

In the course of research, the Chinese data compared to the 1424 patients suffering from cancer and 4500 healthy volunteers. Surveyed were asked about their diet and lifestyle. Experts interested in how consuming garlic and whether smoking.

Results showed that those who use the garlic at least twice a week are less exposed to the risk of cancer, even in the presence of the habit and cooking of hot oil. Substance allicin in garlic protects against lung cancer. Garlic has powerful component allicin. This compound is created by crushing of garlic cloves.

Useful properties of garlic
Garlic save smokers from lung cancer

Boiled or soaked garlic helps with inflammation in the body, acting as an antioxidant, protecting from damage that can cause free radicals. Sooner or later, people around the world will understand that eating garlic helps prevent cancer not only the lungs, but increases the immunity of the human body.

Earlier studies reveal that garlic prevents various pulmonary diseases, and colon cancer (risk decreases by one third). According to scientists from the Medical School Emory University in the USA, garlic is a universal remedy for heart problems.

It is connected with the container therein diallyl trisulfide, which is capable of preventing the destruction of the tissues of the heart leading to heart attack. Results of studies of Chinese scientists published in the journal Cancer Prevention Research.