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Eat walnuts for health to prevent many diseases and prevention of human body. Only three nuts a day do wonders for our health. Try it! Benefits of walnuts. Eat walnuts health. There are many recipes with nuts that can be met. Walnuts can be eaten raw or roasted. Use them in addition to ice cream, various salads, sweets and more! You can use the small green walnuts to prepare syrups, extracts and tinctures. Walnuts are one of the few fruits that contain omega-6 fatty acids. As you already know, these fatty acids are really needed by our body.

Eat walnuts for health benefit of consuming walnuts against dandruff and hair healthy,
Eat walnuts for health benefit of consuming walnuts against dandruff and hair healthy,

It is important to know that if you eat a handful of nuts a day will ensure the necessary omega-3 fatty acid. Walnuts are particularly effective when it comes to cancer battles and this is proved by numerous tests. The belief that nuts should not be eaten by obese people is not true because, on the contrary, walnuts reduce triglycerides and cholesterol. Walnuts are a great help for the elderly, but because they keep the heart healthy and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Walnuts also have the ability to help you relax and fall asleep more easily keep bone structure stronger and help regulate body weight. Thanks to containing omega-3 fatty acid and antioxidants walnuts reduce the risk of breast cancer in women. Men also need walnuts because they increase sexual activity.
Urologists recommend eating 3 walnuts a day. We recommend that you make a delicious and breathtaking “sexy salad” (1 cup chopped nuts, a little butter and honey). Honey and walnuts increase sexual activity. Walnuts protect against anemia, formation of kidney stones and diseases of the thyroid gland. Walnut leaves can be used for sore throats – in one liter of boiling water brew 100 grams of walnut leaves. It should gargle with this mixture in inflammation of the throat. You can add a decoction of walnut leaves and in the tub. This helps in treating rickets, lichens and scabs also excessive sweating of the feet and inflammation of the genitals. For healthy hair and against dandruff massaging your head with a mixture of the following recipe: 200 g.

walnuts with honey
fresh walnuts with honey for sore throat and force active athletes

Green dried chopped walnuts put in half a liter of red wine and half a liter of olive oil. Kernels are very useful for pregnant women, because they have a positive effect on the brain development of the baby. Also recommended for people who have low blood pressure pravitelen growth in children and increase immunity. Decoction of walnut leaves. Use it to help treat acne and hair loss. It is also very useful for diabetics and people with weak nerves. Fresh leaves of walnut may be used as a coating for faster healing of wounds and can be used to prepare strong tea, which can massage the scalp. This type of cable can be used to treat a sore throat, parasites in the gut, hemorrhoids.
Walnuts are helpful in skin problems. Walnut leaves can help in treating skin problems such as wounds, excessive sweating of the feet, burns and other diseases. These leaves are also good for getting rid of household pests such as ants and cockroaches. People who suffer from stomach ulcers, problems with the gallbladder or liver problems should be careful with walnuts.