Eat peppers before eating
Eat peppers before eating to avoid digestion problems contribute to the secretion of gastric juice and strengthen the walls of blood vessels

Eat peppers before eating, which is most commonly used in cooking. There is a huge variety of types according to the color (yellow, green, red, etc.) according to the size and shape according to.

But basically they are divided into sweet and spicy. Homeland peppers are deemed Mexico and Guatemala.

There they were grown more than 2,000 years ago. After the discovery of America they are distributed worldwide. Peppers and especially cayenne are extremely rich in vitamin C.

Its contained five times more than in lemons for example. Peppers comprise vitamin D and of vitamins of group B.

They are rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sulfur, iron, sodium. In this vegetable contains trace elements such as zinc, silicon. The mature fruit is rich in sugars, proteins and organic acids. All these elements are in the highest percentage in the red peppers.

Roasted peppers
Eat peppers before eating, which is most commonly used in cooking

Meanwhile peppers are low-calorie food – in one hundred grams green peppers have 20 calories, and in red – 37. For this reason they are included successfully in diets.

Peppers improve digestive activity, stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, improves tone and strengthen the walls of blood vessels.
This vegetable is particularly useful in diabetes. Regular consumption of red peppers protects against atherosclerosis and lowers blood pressure. Peppers are useful for people suffering from gastro-intestinal diseases, ulcers, liver and kidney diseases. The peppers have another application.

Dried they can be used in combating various types of insects. For this purpose, using a solution of one liter of water and one hundred grams dry peppers. With the solution is sprayed affected areas. Fresh juice from the peppers, taken in for ten days, removes freckles and spots on the skin.
Roasted peppers
Digestive problems and constipation is a good thirty minutes before a meal to eat 3-4 peppers. Here are some other useful cooking tips: Roasted peppers peel more easily when put into a container with a lid still warm. So they suffocate and flake them more easily excreted.

When roasting whole peppers is good to be drilled in several places, not sprayed. Fresh peppers can be frozen and put in the freezer and have our hand any time during cooking.