Eat broccoli with cauliflower
Eat broccoli to keep your youth to successfully control your weight

Eat broccoli to keep your youth, according to a new study by the American Academy of Sciences. It turns out that biting broccoli every day not only improves your health, but also rejuvenates, writes Daily Express.

The study found that the vegetable is rich in chemicals, called insoles, which, in tests with mice and worms, have shown that brain cells are maintained in good shape even with age. The discovery should be used to create an anti-aging pill that will help adults enjoy good health and rely on their memory after 60 years of age, say the authors of the study by Emory University.

Eat broccoli to keep youth

Their results have shown that the indole helped worms and mice retain their mobility and stamina regardless of age. This definitely proves that broccoli can qualify as a superfood. Research Team Leader Daniel Kalman believes it is important for healthy lifespan to select the food in our menu.

Previous studies have proven that with regular broccoli consumption, you can better control your weight and protect yourself from serious illnesses such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Eat often broccoli
keep your mobility and stamina, according to a new study

If your diet does not change to a healthier age, your body’s damping will affect you more strongly than your grandmothers.

New research on the beneficial properties of broccoli

We still do not know how intestinal microflora exerts its effects, but now we are at least aware of one mechanism.

Indoles, beneficial in many ways, are produced by different types of bacteria by degrading the amino acid tryptophan, scientists add. So try to eat everyday vegetables, even if they are not the most appetizing that the market offers you.