Drinking hot water in the morning
Is drinking hot water in the morning so good for health

Is drinking hot water in the morning so good for health? Did you know that drinking too much hot water can have a detrimental effect on your health? Although you will find many articles on the benefits of drinking hot water, you also need to learn about the bad effects of drinking it. Water is the elixir of life.

Almost 70 percent of the human body consists of water. It hydrates the body and keeps the organs working well. We are often told that eating six or eight glasses of water is a must. This is not so. Like most things in excess, too much water can also be harmful. Hot or hot water directly from the crane can be filled with pollutants.

If the tubes are old and rusty, the chances of lead poisoning are very high. Also, pollutants easily dissolve and to a much greater extent in hot water than in cold. So under no circumstances use hot water directly from the faucet. Instead, pour cold, warm it in the kettle and then drink it.

If hot water can cause blisters in the mouth, it can also damage the sensitive oesophageal and digestive tract. It can have a far greater effect on the internal organs, as the hot water temperature is higher than the body temperature. Studies show that if you drink too much hot water when you are not thirsty, it can affect your concentration. Drink only when you have a desire.

glass hot water a day
Drinking hot water in the morning is useful unless you overdo the amount

Too much water can cause swelling of the brain cells, resulting in additional complications. The kidneys have a specialized capillary system to clear excess water from your body. If you think that taking up excess water can help filter the toxins from your system you are wrong.

On the contrary, excessive amounts of water can cause damage due to most of the work required by the system. This leads to worsening of the kidneys over a period of time. Taking more than the amount of hot water needed increases your total blood volume.

The circulatory system is a closed system and unnecessary pressure has to be borne by the blood vessels and the heart. If there is excess water in the system, the electrolytes in the blood can become thinner than those in the cells. The blood from the blood will be drawn into the cells to maintain the balance between the blood and the cells.

This will lead to swelling of your cells. In the brain this will cause cranial pressure and will cause headaches and other problems. The myth is that drinking hot water is beneficial to health. Hot water can be harmful if it is full of toxins such as lead and other pollutants. It can also injure the intestines of the intestine and the digestive system. Consume moderately and when necessary to avoid health complications.