Drink tomato juice
During the summer months the best drink is one that is beneficial to your health

Forget energy drinks and drink tomato juice because it’s good.
Tomato juice for quick recovery. Tomato juice is better than energy drinks to restore the body after hard physical exercise or after a busy day, according to a new study.

Researchers from Stockholm claim that tomatoes provide the body essential nutrients to strengthen muscles and restore blood to normal after strenuous exercise. Drink tomato juice instead of energy drinks.

Experts from the health institutions in Greece conducted a study among 15 athletes within two months, watching their vital indicators before, during and after the workout. Nine athletes before training drank tomato juice and the rest – their usual energy drinks.

Those who drank tomato juice fast rest from training, the level of glucose in the blood rapidly returned to normal.

Drink tomato juice for good health
Tomatoes are a great addition to the body with cancer or heart disease

Drink tomato juice for good health. Tomatoes are a great addition to the body with cancer or heart disease.

Tomatoes contain a compound called lycopene, which gives them a red color. It is already known that antioxidants in tomatoes are effective in fighting cancer, heart disease and other disorders.

It is believed that people who adapt to the Mediterranean diet live longer. Harmful levels of enzymes and proteins that lead to damage to the muscles and brain were quickly returned to normal levels in these athletes after training drank tomato juice.

Tomato juice is so good that people with higher levels of harmful proteins can feel the difference in just 2 months.