Drink alcohol against flu
Science recommends drinking alcohol against flu and viruses

Science recommends drink alcohol against flu and viruses. Drinking a spirits drink a day can protect you against flu and winter-borne viruses. This was confirmed by a group of British scientists who demonstrated the benefit of alcohol consumption by measure.

Their experiments have proven that alcoholic beverages have the ability to decompose the viral cell envelope and thus reduce its distribution in the body. Experts recommend that you drink a glass of alcoholic beverage within 6 hours after you feel unwell. This will ease the infection.

But you should not overdo it because alcohol in large amounts suppresses the immune system and makes our body more susceptible to viruses. When you are sick and you drink more, your body will struggle more with the flu infection.

Drink tea against flu
Home remedy against viruses

Epidemiologist Professor  Pytrunh explains to Focus agency that it is healthy for you to drink a glass of grated brandy or mulled wine with some black pepper and wheat if you do not feel well. These drinks have a warming effect or, as medicine calls it, a revulsion action.

They expand blood vessels, improve blood circulation and stimulate the fight against viruses. But if you drink 3 cups instead of one, the effect will be negative and will exacerbate the symptoms of the disease. Garlic is also among the natural antibiotics you can take if you are sick. It releases phytoncides that suppress the development of bacteria and viruses and hence cure flu.

Home remedy against viruses

home-made juice against viruses
Small quantities to not suppress the immune system

“A home remedy that will hold the virus far away from you”
Necessary ingredients, lemons – 1 pc.
ginger – as little carrot
cinnamon – 1 – 2 sticks
copper – 400 years

Method of preparation. Since we are in the season of colds and flu, I offer you an easy recipe for home remedy against viruses. Ingredients are cut into pieces and mixed in a jar, the cinnamon is added as it is without breaking the sticks.

Allowed for 24 hours at room temperature, the jar is shaken from time to time to unite the ingredients, and then stored in the refrigerator. Taking a spoon in the morning and in the evening. Besides useful and very tasty.