Dried fruits
Dried fruits treats and reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke, but increases blood sugar levels for it is better to be careful

Dried fruits treat and help good digestion because they have a light meal. If you frequently visiting your grandmother probably remember strung on a thread thin slices of pears, apples and peaches, hung on a nail in the sweltering summers of your childhood. The good news is that today, dried fruits experiencing its Renaissance and coincidentally again be produced in large quantities. They contain essential nutrients in high concentrations. This is the reason and the taste is much more intense than that of fresh. When most useful dried fruits? Eat dried fruit as a staple food in the day of discharge. They can be strict menu restricted diet.
Extremely useful are – contain a balanced amount of minerals and vitamins, useful carbohydrates. In the dried fruit has many soluble cellulose (pectin), which normalizes the process of processing food. It takes cellulose harmful products of metabolism and removes it from the body. Along with them are displayed and surplus cholesterol. One trick – if you are going to purchase food before leaving, eat some dried fruit. This will strengthen and will redeem half of the content store.
Snack them will do good work and before dinner. Ham will not spoil your appetite, yet you will not be greedy and overeat. Why dried fruits are associated with weight reduction? The reason is the high fiber content in them, and the fiber is associated with weight loss. They could replace sugar as sweetened naturally. To make for the most efficient in the workplace, eat dates. They contain a lot of carbohydrates – up to 70% and thus enhance concentration, restore power in mental and physical exertion. If you cough, you have tonsillitis or bronchitis, eat figs. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory action, they are used in folk medicine as an aid against colds. Dried figs never wash.
If very dry, you can put them for a while steam to rehydrate. With raisins fed slaves in the ancient world – to withstand hard work. The grapes are dried in the state really delivers a lot of energy (contains over 50% grape sugar). To help your body to prevent osteoporosis Eat dried grape fruit. They are rich in magnesium, boron and manganese, which prevent the emergence of osteoporosis. Shortage of these minerals disturbing absorption of calcium from the body. Lazy bowel and constipation they are treated with prunes. These are some of the most popular dried fruits in the country. In folk medicine jam plum recommended for problems with motility. Prunes in combination with aloe also have a laxative effect.

Dried fruits treat
Dried fruits treats and help good digestion because they have a light meal

A quick way to adjust the work of the stomach is as brave 100 g figs and prunes, with an aloe leaf, and finally add 100 g of honey. Prunes contain lots of fiber and enzymes that facilitate and regulate the functioning of the digestive and excretory system. Dates require quite a long process. Dried for one year. Centuries back in time in the Arab world have used dates to sweeten the replacement of honey. They contain easily digestible fruit sugar. Three to four dates up the daily need of iron. Dried apricots are found almost everywhere in abundance. Often, however, further treated with sulfur to look fresh and bright in color. So treated fruit in some people can cause headache. Look at whether it is marked on the package processing.
Raw apricots are slightly gray in color. The most useful ingredients of apricots are potassium, calcium, iron. Dried apples improve digestion and have antioxidant properties. Rich in iron, phosphorus and magnesium successfully helping to lift the immunity and fight depression. Dried banana contains valuable nutrients. Bananas reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease because of its high potassium content. Again because they support him and the restoration of bones, teeth, liver and muscles. For people with allergies, they should avoid excessive consumption of dried fruit is often treated with potassium or sodium sorbate and other allergenic agents. Dried fruit raise blood sugar levels, so do not overdo it.