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Do not touch these foods if you want to live longer

Do not touch these foods if you want to live longer! Nutritionists never touch those foods! As much as we try, all of us occasionally reaching for forbidden foods. This also applies to dieters who continually give recommendations for healthy eating. But even they never allow these foods:

Bacon – One of the most popular nutritionists in the United States – Bonnie Taub-Dix, owner of the site betterthatdieting, stating that he would never allow himself to touch bacon. About 70% of its composition are fat and in each piece contains 200 mg of sodium.

And no one is limited to one piece. Crackers – dietitian Keri Glassman categorically stated that he would never reach for salty. They do not contain any protein or fiber or healthy fats – practical absolutely nothing useful.

On the contrary – Salty filled with harmful substances making them prohibited for all who want to eat healthy. Drinks coffee – coffee in small quantities does not interfere with healthy regime.

Do not touch these foods
Do not touch these foods and beverages that are listed in this article to enjoy health and longevity

Drinks coffee, however, are full of sugar and artificial sweeteners, says Manuel Vilakorta, author of several books on healthy eating.

In some of these drinks sugar is even more than two cans a car. Besides being unhealthy, it is highly caloric.

Hotdog – You’ll never see a dietitian Today show on NBC to eating hotdog. According to him, the sandwich is composed of only one – fat.

Fat dairy sauces – skimmed milk sauces and toppings – these are things that Ellie Krieger, TV star and renowned author of books never afford. Much more tasty and healthy option are yogurt or fresh cream.

Diet drinks – dietitian Sharon Palmer, author of Plant-Powered for Life states that one of the most damaging things at all diet drinks. Although they no sugar substitute substances are at least several times more harmful than her.

Much better would be to just drink water, fresh juices, tea and even coffee.