Diet for colds or flu
Diet for colds or flu is extremely important for our faster recovery

Diet for colds or flu is extremely important for our faster recovery. Here’s what foods to eat when we’re cold:
– Tomatoes, cucumbers, vegetables, fruits
They contain a complex of biologically active substances – vitamins, minerals, ferments, antioxidants that strengthen the immune system;
– Chicken broth, nuts, low fat yoghurt, lean meat
Meat must be lean, such as chicken breasts without skin. The proteins that are rich in these products help in the rapid recovery of the cells affected by the inflammatory process;

Drinks without caffeine

Vitamin juices and mineral waters reinforce the body by cleansing it from toxins;

Diet for colds
Diet important for our recovery during the cold months of the year

– Apples, bananas, raisins, kiwi, quinces, raspberries, capins, black currants, blueberries
These fruits can alleviate the mucous membranes of the airways. They alleviate the work of the heart. They energize the immune system with vitamins and reinforce the secretory processes that release the body from the accumulated toxins;

– Oranges, mandarins, lemons, pumpkin, carrots and other fruits and vegetables in yellow and orange color
The listed fruits contain the antiviral vitamins A, E and C as well as bioflavonoids that help to absorb the vitamins from the body. Unlike other fruits, citrus does not have the ferment that destroys vitamin C.
– Nuts
Rich in plant proteins, vitamin E and microelement selenium. They stimulate our immune system;
– Fish, eggs, oatmeal, pulses
Thanks to the zinc contained in them, they neutralize respiratory viruses and strengthen the protective forces.
Here’s what food we should certainly avoid and minimize when we are cold.
– White cabbage, radish, radish

Dieting for colds
Diet stimulate our immune system

They make it difficult for the gastrointestinal tract, so that other valuable nutrients are not fully absorbed;
– Oily products, including high fat dairy foods

The stomach manages to process these products more slowly and thus the body is loaded;
– Coffee, cocoa, sharp spices, smoked and salty delicacies
They are extremely irritating to the stomach, and when we get cold, it is even more sensitive. Especially when the digestive tract is inflamed;

Pineapple, very sweet, pickled fruit

They adversely affect the acid-base balance in the body;
– Strong meat broths of veal, pork and beef
In general, these meats eat heavy foods. They are more difficult to process than the body;
– Bread, pasta, potatoes, pastry, pastry
They are rich in carbohydrates and can help to develop complications after influenza, as they load the pancreas that is at the forefront of the virus attack.