Delicious Black Forest cake
Delicious Black Forest cake , female elegance, dark beauty, unique taste

Delicious Black Forest cake , female elegance, dark beauty, unique taste. One cake – great, two cakes – very, but three cakes with their history and recipes – it’s really fascinating! The third cake in this historic and sweet journey awaits us in the nearest Austro-Hungarian Germany. Her name is “Black Forest” or “Montenegro”. Ready to learn more about it?

About who, where and when preparing for the first time the famous German cake with cherries, history is silent, but it is believed that the “Black Forest” is linked to the eponymous region in Germany, and its name comes either from the dark forests in this region (existing and today) or traditional clothing they dressed women there.

The latter seems quite logical, and the combination of white, black and cherry is a trademark for “Black Forest”. This cake is not only beautiful and impressive, but with fascinating taste. The story says that it was much beloved Wagner. See what you need to prepare her home:

Black Forest cake recipe

5-6 eggs

Delicious cake Schwarzwald
Favorite cake for adults and children, Recipe for Black Forest cake and necessary products, energy mix and cake decorations

250 g. Sugar
150 g. Caster sugar
1 h. L. Vanilla sugar
1 h. L. Cinnamon
150 g. Flour
2 p. L. Cocoa powder
1. L. Corn starch
400-500 gr. Fresh cherries (or preserved)
1 hr. H. Cherry juice (not too sweet)
1/2. H. Cherry liqueur
800 ml. liquid whipping cream
chocolate chips and cherries for decoration.

Cake for “Black Forest” can be prepared in a water bath or in a standard manner. If you prefer it, beat the eggs with 2/3 of the sugar, flour and cocoa powder. Bake chocolate mixture resulting in a moderate oven for 30-35 minutes. During this time, you can prepare the cream, and whipped cream with powdered sugar and vanilla sugar, then store it in a cool place.

Separately, prepare syrup cherry juice, the rest of the granulated sugar, cinnamon and starch. Boil it briefly. Now is assembling the cake. Cut the chocolate cake into three equal marshes and everyone soaked in cherry syrup. Then arrange them on top of one another, alternating layers of cream and cream cream cream mixed with chopped cherries.

The important thing is to finish with cream, from which you have enough to brush and side of cake. Decorate the wonderful “Black Forest” with chocolate chips and cherries purposes. If these sweet stories inspired you to prepare one of these famous cakes, do it and think only of pleasure from them, not calories! And if you have your favorite cake whose story deserves to be heard, tell it to us!