Delicious apple cake with fresh fruit for 16 pieces.

apple cake
Delicious apple cake with fresh fruit for 16 pieces

Products for swamps: 3 eggs, 160 g of sugar, 120 g of flour, 1 vanilla, grated bark of 1/2 lemon, Cream products: 6 yolks, 500 ml of fresh milk, 120 grams of sugar, 1 vanilla, 200 ml of liquid sweetened sweet cream, 15 g of gelatin, 3 small apples or 2 large apples, 1/2 hr. water, 1/2 hr. White wine
5 tablespoons sugar,

delicious apple cakeflavors by optional pods vanilla, lemon peel, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves

For garnish

2 apples, 10 g of gelatin, whipped cream.

Preparation on apple cake

To prepare this delicious cake, first start with the apple garnish. It is good to choose apples with red bark, the color stand out better than green or yellow. Cut them into thin circles without whitening them. You can use a chips cutter or a sharp knife. Arrange them in a tray covered with baking paper.

Sprinkle with a little sugar and cinnamon powder. Bake apple circles for aboudelicious apple caket 15-20 minutes until they are slightly red and soaked. Do not dry them until they become apple chips. They must remain dense and soft with appetizing appearance. Let them cool down. Take a few circles and shrink them into a rose. Brush them with a little melted gelatin for shine. If you like, you can use them for decoration.

To make the cake board, use the torch-shaped ring or the cake hoop. Put the ring in a torch plate. For the pages of the cake you need an acetate foil or some kind of material that can easily detach everything. I offer you a fully feasible option if you can not find an acetate foil.

In this case I use plastic folders that are sold in every bookstore or office shop. The folder should be plastic and smooth. Cut it on strips, tie them together with staples and put on the long ribbon on the inside of the ring. When cutting the strips, let them be higher than the ring itself.

Make the prepared hoop smeared with a thick layer of melted gelatin in the water bath and stick the baked apple circles on it.  It’s time to prepare the apples for the cream. Peel them, clean the seeds and cut into cubes. Boil them until soaked in water, wine and sugar. Spice with the spices you love most.

piece apple cake
Detailed recipe for a delicious apple cake with eggs and fresh milk for my little sweethearts

Rinse the apples and keep the juice

For cream, whisk the yolks with sugar and vanilla well. Dilute with the milk and boil the cream either in a water bath or on a low heat in a non-stick coating. Do not increase the fire to avoid getting scrambled eggs. The cream is without flour or starch. Do not expect that much will grow. It is enough to begin to leave solid traces of the agitator. Keep stirring constantly while cooking. Allow the egg cream to cool well.

Break the cream into snow and melt the gelatin with a little water. Add them to the cold egg cream, stirring everything with a stirrer. Finally, add the apples and mix again. For swamps, break the eggs very well with sugar and vanilla. Add lemon peel and flour carefully stirring with a blade. Pour the sponge in a rectangular tray covered with baking paper. The most convenient is to use the oven tray.

Bake your goods for 6 – 8 minutes in a pre-heated 180 * oven. The dough is very thin, but I prefer it. If you like a thicker blade, increase the products by 1/3. From the cold blade, cut two small circles using a plate of measure. Remnants of marshmallows store in the refrigerator or freezer and use someone else’s time for creams, fruit baking or other desserts.  It remains to arrange the cake.

Half of the cream pour into the bottom of the cake plate and smooth. Put one blade on it and syrup it with the syrup where you boiled the apples. Cover with the remaining cream, put the second swab and again syrup. Store the cake in the refrigerator for at least 3-4 hours to tightly gelatinize. Remove the ring.

Carefully peel off the plastic tape by helping with a blade. In order to remove the glued apples from her, I slightly warmed it up with the hair dryer. If you decide to take advantage of this cunning, be careful. If you overheat too much plastic you can melt the gelatin itself and liquefy. After removing the ribbon, garnish the cake with whipped cream and decorate it according to your taste.