We offer you a daily menu of Hay diet healthy food consumption.

Daily menu

Breakfast menu of hay diet
Daily menu of Hay diet for proper planning of nutrition every day, a list of breakfast lunch and dinner protein diet

Here is a list of foods for breakfast (alkaline), lunch (starch) and dinner (protein), this menu is simple, tasty and proposed line can not be moved. The most easy to follow system Hey, take a day once only alkaline food, once a protein with salad, vegetables and fruit once a starch dish with salad, vegetables and sweet fruit.


Fresh fruit depending on the season-best is an aromatic apple, a bowl of yogurt preferably homemade yogurt with a tablespoon of wheat germ, warm drink as weak herbal tea, mate or coffee, but not instant coffee. Coffee must be freshly ground. Preferably trimmer filter because it contains harmful effects on body fat and acids from the bean. Serve with warm milk. We should limit coffee consumption. Strong black coffee is not recommended. Coffee and tea is better to be prepared with mineral water.

Lunch (Starch)

Potatoes cooked with bark; oil, cooked or raw vegetables, salad; sweet fruit or dessert. Lunch can consist of home-baked bread with butter and a green salad or simply “salad sandwich.” If you take bran (wheat, oats) they must have this dish with raisins and a little milk.

Dinner (Protein)

We can serve vegetable soup medium-sized piece of meat, fish, poultry, shellfish, eggs or cheese salad with fresh raw vegetables; steamed green vegetables or root crops, but NOT potatoes.

lunch menu of Hay diet
We offer you a daily menu of Hay diet healthy food consumption

Finally, the fruit of “sour” -yabalka, pear, orange, etc. Do not sugaring. So the proposed order can not be moved. When starch breakfast, lunch may be alkaline. Dr. Hay believes that actively busy people need to take protein meal for lunch and dinner to starch as starch dish requires a long digestion.

This does not mean that you should always have something ready for lunch. The protein lunch can consist only of lettuce, a slice of cheese and fresh fruit. People who lead a sedentary life or have special digestive problems need to increase the number of alkaline foods and reduce protein and starchy.

This means that we can do two basic dishes, and the third to be once protein, starch tomorrow. Hey system recommended if Alkaline meal based on potatoes is particularly valuable and could replace starch dish of cereal.