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Ways to prepare salads, recommended food combinations that arouse appetite

Culinary secrets for perfect salads and appetizers important information to be known. Before use, vegetables should be washed very well. Salt is added to the washing water, reducing the loss of minerals and removing insects easily. Then the salad products are rinsed under running water;

– The vegetables from which we prepare hot salads are stewed in just enough water, not to burn, in order not to lose their taste, nutritional value and color;

– Are cucumbers bruised; they must be peeled well. Their bitterness is concentrated at the top;
– When we use onions to decorate a salad, it is very effective and delicious if the onions are cut into onions, divided into rings and peeled in red pepper and finely chopped green dill or parsley;

– When we have to keep the peeled potatoes for 4-5 hours without darkening, put them in a plastic bag, tie them well and leave them in the fridge;
– Fresh mushrooms should not be soaked in water but washed as quickly as possible with running water and put in vinegar water to keep their color;

– For longer time, lettuce and tuber vegetables should be kept if we keep them wrapped in a damp cloth in a cool condition;

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Perfect salads and appetizers important information to be known

– To refresh the leafy vegetables, immerse them in lukewarm water with added lemon juice;
– The appetizers are included in the appetite menu and served before the main dish. They are not for food and must be in small quantities but varied;

– The cold soups are served before the soup, while the hot appetizers – after the cold, when no soup is served. When soup is served after appetizers, they should not have sharp-tasting products to feel the real taste of the soup;
– For salads, salads of raw and heat-treated vegetables and fruits, marinated or salted mushrooms, meat, crab, etc. are suitable for appetizers.

– The appetizers must be prepared and served so that there is no need for a knife when consumed. Warm entrees are usually served in the court where we have prepared them.