Create the perfect menu for your healthy diet. American nutritionists claim that not only our health but also our appearance depends on what we eat. They created the perfect menu. According to experts, breakfast is necessary to save us from stress. People who eat breakfast are less likely to suffer from stress. And the morning meal helps the brain to process information faster and increases efficiency by 30%.

Create the perfect menu
Create the perfect menu

The ideal time for breakfast is right after getting up, but not before the morning exercises. According to nutritionists, the ideal breakfast is oatmeal. It is saturated with B vitamins, which are responsible for the nervous system, vitamin E, which slows down the aging process, and fiber, which expels toxins. Give up cornflakes, or at least those that contain sugar or chocolate. Lunch is also mandatory, as breakfast should not be missed.

Perfect menu for adults

If you miss lunch, you will be crammed into dinner. Do not exhaust your body with long intervals between meals, because whatever you eat, your body will immediately turn it into reserves for times of hunger. Lunch is consumed five hours before dinner and must begin with soup. It creates a feeling of satiety and after that you are not so hungry. Give up dessert for lunch.

This will not only give you a few extra grams, but will also make you want to take an afternoon nap. Dinner is also a must, as otherwise your body will find it difficult to fall asleep. And if that happens, you will have nightmares. According to nutritionists, there should be an interval of at least 10 hours between dinner and breakfast. It’s up to you when you get up and when you will have dinner.

Perfect menu for your family

Eating perfect menu

At dinner, eat only raw or cooked vegetables, or if you can not stand without meat, add them as a side dish to it. You can also replace meat with fish. The best dinner, according to experts, is turkey. It contains tryptophan, which helps the body cope with the negative effects of stress and prepares it for faster sleep. Vegetables for dinner should be three times more than meat or fish.

Forget about greasy meals at dinner, because they only lead to sleep disorders. The abuse of fatty foods at bedtime changes the body’s internal physiological clock, which regulates sleep and wakefulness processes and controls hunger. According to recent research, the French spend the longest time on food – for them it is a ritual.

They eat a total of two hours a day, and no wonder, given the unique French delicacies. They are followed by the New Zealanders and the Japanese. The fastest to eat is the British, who spend no more than half an hour a day on this procedure.