Cosmetics sugar
Cosmetics with sugar is quite widely used method especially for a woman’s beauty

Sugar is bad for health but does wonders to you and at home. Tips for using sugar. Sugar is not healthy food, even healthy, but it’s ideal assistant in daily life. Here are some tips on cosmetics with sugar. Here are some tips on the use of sugar in the household.

Sugar keeps the flowers fresh. Add two teaspoons of sugar and two tablespoons of vinegar to the water in the vase for long lasting freshness of flowers.

Sugar is good for keeping the stems of the flowers and vinegar prevents bacterial growth. Sugar reduces the pungent food in the mouth.

Milk also works against chili, but if you do not want to drink milk with lunch or dinner, you can use sugar to relieve the burning sensation in the mouth after spicy food.

Lump of sugar will be enough. There is no need to swallow, if you count every calorie. Cosmetics with sugar heal wounds and infections.

If you put sugar inflamed and infected wound, it will kill the bacteria that cause slow recovery and chronic pain. Body scrub with sugar. Mix sugar with almond oil or olive oil, and more pleasant fragrance, add a few drops of essential oil of your choice. Rub into the skin and rinse off in the shower. This will remove dead cells and get smooth and soft skin like a baby. Cosmetics with sugar removes stains from grass.

If you are afraid to use a washing, especially when it comes to matter that there are more colors, grass stains, try to remove it with a paste of sugar and water.

Mix sugar with almond oil or olive oil
Here are some tips on cosmetics with sugar

Apply the mixture on the stain and let it stand for an hour, then rinse with clean water. Make lips soft with sugar. To care for dry lips, mix equal amounts of sugar and olive oil until a thick mixture. Apply the paste on the lips and leave for 30 sec.

Wipe with a damp cloth and enjoy your lips soft as silk. Clean mill coffee with sugar. If you are a fan of old school and still want to give yourself the bold coffee, your mill will work longer and better if cleaned with sugar.

Furthermore, the sugar will absorb the smell of coffee beans and spices that you grind. Simply pour the sugar mill and then grind a few minutes. Sugar soothes burnt tongue.

As well as relieves the feeling of burning after spicy food, sugar helps to soothe the burnt tongue. Pour some sugar on burned areas and pain should immediately disappear. Clean hands off fat with sugar.

If soap is not effective enough, greasy hands clean with a mixture of equal amounts of olive oil and sugar. Rub your palms together, and when you feel that they are not greasy, wash with lukewarm water.