Cosmetics with snail slime
Cosmetics with snail slime against aging skin

The extract of snail slime called mucus or mucin. How does Mucin: anti-aging or anti-aging effect. Cosmetics extract snail slows the aging process, smoothes wrinkles and reduces their depth. Wrinkles fade gradually and visibly deleted. The secret lies in hyaluronic acid, which is found in mucin.

Hyaluronic acid is a magic ingredient of youth, which has the ability to retain water in the cells, namely the loss of water is one of the main causes of wrinkles. It penetrates into the dermis, hydrate it and preserve its elasticity. For the care of the delicate area around the eyes we recommend eye cream with extract of snail. Anti-acne – acne cures.

Thanks to the enzymes and peptides, which contains, supports and accelerates the treatment of acne and prevents recurrence. They in turn have powerful antibacterial properties that kill bacteria causing acne. Delete old scars and smoothes uneven, contributing to the regeneration and cell renewal. Calms and soothes the skin.

Mucin is one of the best natural ingredients to treat rosacea and dermatitis, irritated and red skin that requires delicate care. Closes and heals wounds. Hippocrates advised his patients to put the snails on their wounds to heal faster. Damaged tissue heals quickly from the slime of snails. The skin becomes soft and tender.

Favorable effect in the presence of stretch marks or prevent their occurrence. Slime of snails is a powerful natural antioxidant. It protects skin from infections and viruses and the harmful effects of the environment. Protects it from free radicals. Nourishes and hydrates. Restores healthy skin texture and elasticity.

Builds a protective layer. Cream with snail slime antibacterial, does not allow moisture to escape the skin and at the same time allows oxygen to cells and it breathe freely. Accelerates cell regeneration. The processes of cell renewal are proportionate to our age.

Slime of snails is a powerful natural antioxidant
How does Mucin: anti-aging or anti-aging effect

Until 28-30 years of age young skin is played for about a month, but with increasing years, these processes slow down. In other words, the production of new cells and tissues in healthy lady 40, occurs for a period of 40 days. Snail mucus stimulate these processes and increases skin beautiful and healthy new cells.

Natural exfoliant. Snail slime contains large amounts of vitamin A and glycolic acid, which support more rapid exfoliation of dead cells. Their place quickly filled by new and healthy tissues, and acne scars and wounds are deleted. Faster exfoliation of dead skin, unclogs pores and they absorb nutrients express the cosmetic product.

Under the influence of radiation and the years damaged dermis loses its elasticity and healthy structure. As a consequence, the skin becomes relaxed, sagging, dry, susceptible to faster formation of wrinkles, spots, pores expand, they form black spots and other irregularities and imperfections that reduce the confidence of women.

Clinical studies have shown that snail mucus visibly improves the structure of tissues and skin, making it smoother, supple, firm, reduces the amount and depth of wrinkles by 30%.