Dogwood berries
Dogwood berries will lose weight and will eliminate many diseases

Cornel berries low calorie fruit, which will lose weight and will eliminate many diseases. Thanks to the drenches you will greatly improve your health and will cure many diseases.

This is the most valuable and low-calorie autumn fruit. Although they are not the most popular fruits that have many fans, small red fruits should be eaten regularly because:

Cornel berries strengthen the immune system

The bitches will protect you from colds and will strengthen your immune system. They are able to increase the protective functions of the body thanks to its very high vitamin C content. To be in great shape, you need to eat 0.5 hours a day. fruit per day, and the course of treatment is 10 days;

Cornel berries accelerate metabolism

Pectin, which contains the fruit of the dogwood, helps to remove the uric acid from the body and speeds up the metabolism. Especially useful for weight loss.

Dogwood berries fruit
Dogwood berries not popular in our country but can help you against many diseases

Fruits will rid you of problems with the intestines and the digestive system. To regulate the operation of the stomach and gastrointestinal tract, you need to eat 10-12 fruits per day for 1-2 hours.

Help with diabetes mellitus

Doctors recommend diabetics to drink the juice of this berry, lowering blood sugar levels. Juice should be taken in small doses of 50 ml 30 minutes before a meal, gradually increasing to 200 ml.

Treatment of skin problems

100-200g of fruit per day will help you heal from skin problems such as pimples and acne. Soon your skin will become clean and healthy. Cornel berries help in eczema, but it does not have to be just fruits, but juice or the opening with them (sugar-free compote).

Treat hemorrhoids. For hemorrhoids, doctors recommend eating fruit along with stones. It turns out that the stones consist of 34 percent of vegetable oils that have an anti-inflammatory effect. They reduce the flow and pain and relieve the condition of the hemorrhoids. Just eat 15 fruits a day, but with the stone.

Cold, angina, flu. Potion or juice is an excellent antipyretic natural remedy. Cornel berries jelly can cure sore throats.