consumption of fermented foods
consumption of fermented foods is healthy

It turns out that the consumption of fermented foods is healthy. Fermented foods are not only healthy, but they help to boost immunity, prevent allergies and weight loss.

This conclusion reached British scientists. Sauerkraut, blue cheese and pickles are not included in the group of healthy foods, but British scientists believe that fermented foods left to rest for a few days to a few weeks before you consume are very healthy.

Researchers at Cambridge University say that often eat fermented low-fat dairy foods such as yogurt and cottage cheese, reduces the risk of diabetes by 25% for 11 years.

Foods that can be fermented, is “digested” in advance of good bacteria and yeast that are found in food.

Fermented foods stimulate bacteria that help immunity
Fermented foods stimulate bacteria that help immunity

Bacteria process the food before a person consuming it, as broken down sugars and starches and produce nutrients that are much easier to absorb by the body itself.

Some release of lactic acid, a natural preservative, which oxidizes the middle in the stomach and stimulates the growth of good bacteria. Fermented food effectively becomes a natural probiotic.

At 70 and 80% of our immune cells in our stomach. Fermented foods stimulate bacteria that help immunity, says Alison Clark of the British Dietetic Association.

Scientists recommend us a huge variety of fermented foods such as canned olives, meat and cheese to use it to boost immunity, fight allergies and weight loss, as these foods help us digestion and give a sense of satiety.