Coffee from mushrooms new superfood
Mushrooms new superfood sounds illogical clearly has its fans

Coffee from mushrooms new superfood that comes out this year in global markets. Every year the list of foods that have miraculous properties health seemed to increase with at least one.

So it was in early 2017 when a special type of coffee made from mushrooms, was presented as the new superfood family health products. Investigations of the drink showed that coffee can stimulate the metabolism, preventing Alzheimer’s disease and reduces the risk of depression.

However, according to some experts it can cause insomnia or exacerbate feelings of anxiety. Home of the new coffee Finland. The company manufacturers claim that anyone dared to try it receives proper caffeine punch without apparent side effects.

Coffee from mushrooms
Others share that this is caffeine kick with no visible side effects

Strange as it may sound idea coffee mushrooms, try telling her that the drink tastes like something between coffee and tea. And soft and rich flavor, though not as strong as the original flavor tonic.

The creator of the new superfood Tero Isokapulia believed mushroom coffee will enjoy wide acceptance and will soon become something completely natural.

As main advantages of his invention he states his health benefits, pleasant taste, ease of preparation and its relatively low price. The process of creation of the beverage comprises brewing different kinds of fungi.

Then they were dried, and thereto was added a known amount of real coffee. When the mushrooms are well dried, milled and the resulting powder mixture is boiled coffee.

mushrooms new superfood
Mushrooms new superfood that comes out this year in global markets

Among its main benefit is its ability to regulate blood glucose levels, to balance the activity of the gastrointestinal tract and the stimulation of the immune system in the human body.

The main types of mushrooms that use Finnish farmers are typical of Northern Europe variety maitake, mushrooms and porcini mushrooms.

Some experts warn that maitake mushrooms have the ability to thin the blood and sometimes interact with medications to control blood pressure, so it should be approached with caution to the new drink.