cocoa biscuit cake
The way of preparation and the products for the cake

Cocoa biscuit cake with cottage cheese, temptation with air chocolate mousse that you can not resist. This is the most delicious biscuit cake. The fastest presentation of this cake I think is great!

Maybe it is superfluous to say that it is delicious with another fruit (sweet from another fruit) that is small or finely chopped to feel as an additional accent in the cake, not to be a major flavor with your big pieces of fruit, but personally, I have just made blueberries and frozen raspberries that easily break.

Back cakes are some of the quickest to prepare and can always be make with what cream we like, but here are two options – biscuit cake with milk-oil tout a litter cream and a biscuit cake with mascarpone.

The worst of them is that they have to sit for a few hours in a refrigerator, away from curious eyes and hands.
Ingredients Necessary

Cocoa biscuit cake with cottage cheese
Temptation with air chocolate mousse that you can not resist

biscuits – 350g
compote – optional for syruping
sour cream – 370g
curd – 370 g / finely ground / defatted
powdered sugar – 1 h. / 200 g /
cocoa – 2 tablespoons with a tip
gelatin – 20 g
cocoa – 2 tablespoons
sugar – 2 tablespoons
fresh milk – 6 – 7 tablespoons
oil – 20 g
colored sticks – for decoration
Method of preparation
First make the cream.
The blender blends gelatine-free cream products. A liquid homogeneous mixture must be obtained. To it is added the prepared gelatin, which is poured into a very thin stream, stirring the mixture continuously.

For gelatin to 9 tablespoons water is poured two sachets of 10 g of gelatin. When it swells (after 2-3 minutes), it is placed in a water bath until a clear liquid is obtained.

Biscuit cake
This is the most delicious biscuit cake

It is important not to bleed – otherwise it crosses and does not act gelling. So the cream is ready. After 15-20 minutes, gel enough to apply on biscuits.

In a rectangular or round shape with a looping ring, the biscuits are sampled for a second in compote juice. The cake is made up of two layers of biscuits and cream. At the top there is a row of biscuits.

Make the glaze in the water bath to thicken. It is poured over the biscuits and after 5-10 minutes the sticks are sprinkled or otherwise. After a few hours in the refrigerator, the biscuit cake is ready.