Ingredients for classic lasagna

Ingredients for classic lasagna
Preparation of Classic lasagna with bechamel sauce and bolognese sauce needed products Classic lasagna and way of serving guests

peel lasagna
200g. cheese
Sauce Bolognese:
500 beef (I rules and a mixture not much of a difference)
400g. Canned tomato sauce or canned whole tomatoes that have to blend.
1 carrot
1 onion
fresh basil
2-3 cloves garlic
1 tablespoon with peak meal
1 tsp paprika
Salt, pepper
Step by step how to make sauce “Bolognese” HERE
For sauce “Bechamel”:
800 ml. milk
60g. butter
60g. flour
white pepper
Step by step how to make sauce “Bechamel” HERE
Method of preparation:
First prepare the sauce for bechamel melt the butter, add flour and stir vigorously, and then by joining the two ingredients add a trickle milk.
Let zakakri slightly and thickens as careful not to burn.
Remove from heat.
Bolognese do as Blend tomatoes with basil, a pinch of sugar, salt and a little olive oil.
Carrot, onion and garlic milling.

Classic vegan lasagna
Method of preparation Classic vegan lasagna

Warming up deep frying pan with vegetable oil and stew them, then put the minced meat.
Her nice crushing to become a “crumbs” until lightly fry.
Add spices and then the tomato sauce with basil.
Leave to simmer for 15 minutes and begin to assemble the lasagna.
In a suitable pan put a little of the sauce Bolognese, lasagna redim peel – such use without boiling, and if you make them yourself will be more tasty.
Cover them with sauce “Bolognese” sauce put on top “Bechamel” and a little grated cheese.
Repeat products as we conclude with sauce and plenty of grated cheese.
Bake lasagna in a preheated 200 degrees oven for 30 minutes.
Enjoy your meal!
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