woman eating Chocolate
There are many studies on the benefits of chocolate

Chocolate useful for health and regulates blood pressure by improving cardiac function. Chocolate useful for heart – that show two latest studies are old news for manufacturers of chocolate.

There are many studies on the benefits of chocolate, said chocolate maker from San Francisco, adding that it is especially beneficial positive more concentrated chocolate.

In studies done in Australia, good results have been observed in people very quickly after consumption of chocolate, it’s small changes in blood pressure.

“We still have no solid evidence for sustainable regulation of blood pressure, little change was noted for a short period of time.

If the chocolate to include other methods of treatment, there is a great opportunity to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease,” says Kerry Reed National Institute of Integrated Medicine in Melbourne.

Chocolate pleasure for healthy people and health to sick people

Such research can cause imbalance in families. Instead of buying for grandchildren and grandparents will start to hide chocolates for their health.

Almost half of the cocoa produced in Côte d’Ivoire, but because of riots in the country a large number of producers of cocoa leave the country.

This leads to the melting of the reserves of chocolate in the world. Manufacturers say that cocoa prices are the highest in the last 35 years, which is a serious threat to global production of chocolate. How to create chocolate? It is assumed that the name “chocolate” comes from the word “chocolatl” the language of the Aztecs – “xococ” – bitter and “atl” – water or drink.

Chocolate useful for health
regulate blood pressure should be careful with excessive consumption of chocolate

The Aztecs associated chocolate with Shochiketsal which is the goddess of fertility of the woman. Maya also associate it with fertility. Creating a chocolate begins with the collection of ripe fruit of the cocoa tree.

They are cut off from the tree with machetes, opened and are scraped off the cocoa beans, which were left for several days to ferment and is then spread out in the open air for 5-7 days to dry.

The dried cocoa beans are cleaned and baked, after which the kernels are broken into small pieces and ground in a stone mill, oil is separated from them, and the mass becomes “chocolate liquor”.

Once hardened, it becomes a bitter chocolate which is used for cooking, and then was transferred to chocolate factories which create different types of chocolate.

To the chocolate liquor is added to the sugar and other ingredients depending on the type of chocolate that will be made.