chinese chicken vegetables
Necessary Ingredients for Chinese Chicken with Vegetables.

Necessary Ingredients for Chinese Chicken with Vegetables.

chicken meat – fillet (white meat)
onion – 1 small head
garlic – 3 – 4 cloves
carrots – 2 – 3 medium-sized
soy sauce
cognac – 1 raki cup
sugar – 1 tsp.
ginger – 1 chunk of sugar
rice – 1.5 hrs.
oil – 30 – 40 g cow
starch – 3 – 4 tablespoons non-flavored or corn flour
flour – 2 tsp. white
proteins – 1 pc.

Method of preparation

This recipe is just great for welcoming guests who will taste the most hateful part of the chicken – the tough white meat, and they will lick their fingers.

Chicken fillet is cut into cubes with a 2 cm side. The protein is mixed with starch or corn flour. Add the chopped meat, a little salt, stir it, and leave it for about half an hour while the other activity is done.

In a deep pan with some oil and a little butter fry the finely chopped onion, carrot and garlic. Remove them with a tablespoon and add some more oil.

Once the fat is hot, fry the meat balls, taking care not to cling to each other. Once they get a golden color, they are also taken out with a stack of spoon and added to the fried vegetables.

Chinese Chicken with Vegetables
necessary products and Method of preparation, a great recipe for food of dear guests

When we finish their frying, we pour the fat into a porcelain cup and keep it for the rice. We bring the meat bites and vegetables back into the deep pan, pour 1 ½ liter of water (even better – chicken broth, which we foresee when we have the chicken soup), soy sauce, cognac, sugar, salt, pepper and ginger.

The dish is cooked for ½ hour on a quiet fire. In a glass, dissolve two equal teaspoons of flour with a little water until it gets a mash. Add it to the hot dish, thicken it, and then pull it out of the fire.

In another pot (a shallow pot) we squeeze the fat. Wash the rice and drain it through a large strainer. Add it to the hot fat and stir until it becomes transparent.

Pour 3 cups of cold water, salt and let it boil. Then follow the Chinese conventions. If the stove on your oven cools very slowly, simply turn it off.

However, if you cool quickly, allow the rice to suffocate the smallest possible heat (80-90 degrees) and turn it off after 20 minutes.

Leave the rice covered on the hot plate and try to forget about it for at least another half hour.

Serve the dish garnished with rice. The most interesting thing is that two handfuls of products get a manna for 6 people.