Carrots iron and zinc for good vision
Carrots iron and zinc for good vision scientifically proven combination

Carrots iron and zinc for good vision  scientifically proven combination. Carrots improve vision only in combination with iron and zinc. Healthy eating is crucial for the body and the body. Wont child to good eating habits, however, is extremely difficult.

Therefore, parents often resort to tricks learned to make them eating fruits and vegetables. Myths about healthy eating are many. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, spinach will make you strong like Popeye and eating carrots helps you watch in the dark, are the most widespread nutritional recommendations.

While the first two have their scientific explanation, it has not been clear why it is believed that carrots are so good for the eyes. We recall that the biggest fans of the orange vegetable – rabbits, actually do not see well in the dark. Carrots contain high levels of vitamin A.

It has two types – carotenoids and retinoids. The first are those which can have a positive effect on vision. Low vitamin A may lead to night blindness and other eye problems. In the past, conducted a study called the Blue Mountains.

In it, scientists tried to determine whether there is a link between the intake of vitamin A than carrots and improving vision. It turned out that carrots help improve vision, but only some.

Carrots and zinc for good vision
Carrots iron and zinc for good vision, balanced diet with plenty of vitamin A particularly important for the elderly over 50 years

For those of us in which poor vision is a consequence of age, changing eating habits in no way helped him return.

Carrot juice

Scientists are adamant that the large amount of carrots will not improve your vision much. This can be achieved with a balanced diet with a sufficient amount of vitamin A, iron and other pro-vitamins.

One of the earliest signs of vitamin A deficiency has decreased night vision. But people often ignore it until it gets really hard. The condition is most typical for people in Australia.

The conclusion is that it is better to eat carrots in order to obtain vitamin A, but if you want to improve your vision, you should take iron and zinc.