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Caramelized figs with yogurt for four people. The specific aroma and sweetness of the figs in this recipe magical acquire caramel taste with honey walnuts cinnamon yogurt create a great final dinner.
600 g drained yogurt.

Caramelized figs with yogurt
Caramelized figs with yogurt for four people.

3 p. L. Honey
½ hours. L. Cinnamon
1 pinch of grated clove
4 large figs, cut into halves
4 h. L. Sugar
2 pinches of chili, if desired
1 h. L. Oil
4 p. L. Walnuts, coarsely chopped
1. L. Honey walnuts
mint leaves for garnish
1. Mix the milk with honey, cinnamon and cloves. Pour into cups or bowls.
2. Figs are cut in half and each half is sprinkled with sugar and chili as desired.
3. Heat oil in a skillet and place the figs in it with the cut side down. Leave on medium heat for 3-4 min., Until caramelized. It can turn on the other side.
4. Walnuts are put in the pan, stirred until constipation, add honey.
5. On yoghurt put two halves figs and walnuts with honey. Garnish with mint leaves.
The sweetness of the figs in antiquity can be compared only to that of honey, so these fruits are considered very valuable as trade with them in srevna Greece is strictly regulated.

Obviously the main culinary value of fresh figs is high in sugar, but they also have a specific scent that combines surprisingly well with goat cheese, for example, but also with brie and camembert. The fruits are very delicate and suffered very slight heat treatment by gently browning or very short asphyxiation oil. Fresh figs can make very good chatnita which will serve to season pork, mutton or duck meat. When it comes to figs and savory dishes because of the tight structure large, yellow-green fruits are preferred over smaller and dark varieties.

It should not be overlooked and wonderful grainy texture of the fruit, due to the many seeds inside. Crunchy grains nice contrast to the soft fruit meat after full maturing very quickly acquire a pleasant taste fermentation. This fact suggests that figs extremely durable if they are in the final stage of ripening. Therefore culinary operations using little green fruit, it is important that they do not leak characteristic of the whole plant “milk” juice, which can cause mild skin irritations in some people.

Caramelized figs with yogurt cooked in old Greek recipe
Caramelized figs with yogurt cooked in old Greek recipe. Useful ingredients of figs, storage method and stages of maturation

This ability is characteristic of the entire plant family, which belongs to the fig tree, and unexpectedly for many, this is a family favorite stationery with large glossy leaves rubber plant. In all countries that produce large amounts of figs, many of them traditionally dried to become later part of the wonderful desserts as Turkish indzhir tatlasa – figs filled with walnuts example. In international cuisine at the famed and almost single occurrence of figs is sweet from unripe fruit, which is prepared in a very sophisticated technology associated with the use of blue stone, to keep saturated green color.