Caramel cakes from squid game, which I will show you how to make. I’ve always been torn by what content you need more, because at one point I kept insisting more on classic recipes, then on healthy ones, then on faster ones, and if there might not be much writing before that.

Caramel cakes from squid game

The interesting thing, however, is that I will always stay true to myself, which is one big mess of desires, strange ideas, music, movies, the need to please everyone and most of all, whatever you have here, to leave you smiling! Today’s recipe is dedicated to one of the tests, in which the participants received in a box something like a Korean sugar rooster, but from caramelized sugar and instead of the sugar being poured into a mold, the lazy ones just make a stamp in it.

The task was to cut this stamp using only a toothpick, within a certain time, without breaking a single piece of the figurine. Needless to say, it’s hard to work with caramelized sugar without it breaking, let alone with a toothpick, let alone for a while, let alone with a gun to your head.

Not to mention that the harder it is to cut a figure, the worse, because the small details give more opportunity to break the caramel. The atmosphere and the silence during this test in the movie, with the dripping sweat, the fear, the horror of the mistake that will cost you your life. Finally if you, like me, decide to train just in case you get in the game, I suggest we catch these caramels by making them at home and see if it’s really that hard.

Necessary products for Caramel cakes

  • silicone pad or baking paper -forms for sweets
  • sugar -bicarbonate of soda It is good to have more
  • metal cup or flat, clean weight
  • patience and idiotic determination to make a recipe from a movie without knowing if anyone will be tied to your mind

Since you make it by eye, I have no competitive measures, but the principle of operation is more important than the quantities themselves in this case. We work with plain caramel and depending on how much sugar you caramelize, the more sweets will come out.

Caramel cakes

To make it more thematic, I mixed it with wooden sticks, but we caramelize the sugar well (I put about half a cup of sugar or 2/3) and after it gets a nice, amber color, we add a pinch of soda and remove from the heat. Stir with the chopsticks, as the soda will make the caramel become like a fluffy cream.

We work quickly and pour out of this caramel mixture about a full tablespoon (although I poured directly from the casserole) on a silicone pastry tray (or baking paper) Needless to say, to burn with caramel is more painful from hitting the little finger at the edge of the table and I advise you not to do it both!

While the caramel is still cooling, press on top with a metal cup so that it smooths the mixture, which is still warm and plastic. After this time, you can press a mold impression into it and even put a larger circle to form the sweets in one size. I can tell you that doing this shit is no easier than cutting them, which on the one hand can really make you have a lot of fun … or so it was with me.

I hadn’t been so fond of such nonsense in a long time, but I was determined to find the perfect sequence and tools to do them. You can find a similar recipe for pancakes with avocado and salmon this on our website if you look at it in more detail.

I will try to summarize them to make it easier for you

  • do not press immediately with the weight after pouring, it will stick, it should take 10-15 seconds
  • this time is for a little caramel, but if you make it bigger sweet and thicker it will take longer
  • press with the mold and remove when it has started to tighten, because otherwise it will stick and become uneven when removed
  • do not leave it inside to cool, it will break if you decide to take it out
  • throw all your remaining pieces and unsuccessful sweets back into the casserole, reheating them and making them caramel again for the next batch

Have fun