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Calcium-rich foods that help build healthy bones

Calcium-rich foods that help build healthy bones. In addition, your nerves, muscles and hormones depend on the calcium level in your body to work normally, but almost all calcium is concentrated in the bones. In a study published by The Journal of Nutrition, researchers found that less than 10% of women aged 51 years or older met their recommended dietary intake of calcium.

Although for most adults 1000 mg of calcium per day is enough, according to the National Institute of Health. This may be a large amount, especially for people who avoid dairy products due to lactose intolerance. So the good news is that there is an easy solution to this – you eat a variety of foods.

Calcium-rich foods, it is true that cow’s milk is one of the sources with the most concentrated mineral in it, in a glass contains about 300 mg. Plus, it also contains vitamin D, which promotes faster absorption of calcium from the body. In fact, there are many ways to get calcium, even if you avoid animal products. You will also see dairy products here, but some options may surprise you. We will provide you with several ways to get calcium, which does not involve a continuous drinking of a glass of milk.

Calcium-rich foods Cabbage

Yes, you can find a lot of calcium in plant foods. Cabbage is one of the best sources of calcium – one cup of boiled cabbage contains 177 mg of calcium, and one cup of raw cabbage contains 53 mg. It is even more organic than calcium in milk, which means your body has a greater ability to absorb it. Also known as Chinese cabbage, Boc Choi also supplies a lot of calcium. One cup of raw plant contains 74 milligrams of calcium, while a boiled cup offers 158 milligrams. This is one of the few studied plant foods that have a particularly high calcium absorption, “says Dr. Weaver.

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Calcium-rich foods important for the metabolism in our body

Calcium-rich foods  Yoghurt

It’s no secret that dairy products are a great source of calcium, but you do not have to drink milk to get it right. Take, for example, low-fat yogurt. One cup of milk contains 448 mg of calcium. On top of that, you’ll get over 10 grams of protein and about 4 grams of fat to help keep you loaded until the next meal. Add a little fruit on top for more sweetness, antioxidants and fiber.

Calcium-rich foods Broccoli

Here’s another green plant that you can add to your list: just a cup of sliced, raw broccoli contains 43 mg of calcium. If you can not resist the raw taste of a cooked cup of this crispy vegetable, you will get twice as much calcium. Bonus – you will also get a nice dose of fiber (for your digestion), potassium (for the heart), vitamin C (for the skin) and vitamin A (for the immune system and eyes).

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Calcium-rich foods  Canned seafood

When it comes to convenience, canned seafood is here to save you a lot of time and effort. You can not even guess that foods like sardines and salmon contain high levels of calcium. You will also benefit from other health bonuses. Sardines are one of the few foods rich in vitamin D, salmon is a great way to take omega-3 fatty acids, while shrimps offer protein and other essential nutrients such as selenium and vitamin B12.

Calcium-rich foods  Cheese

Cheese is another delicious dairy product that offers lots of calcium, but the amount you can get depends on the type of cheese you choose. Although it is not a solid cheese, cottage cheese is also a great way to take calcium, especially if you prefer it to milk. One cup of 2% curd contains 251 milligrams of calcium and 23 grams of protein.