I get to work immediately because I want to make a delicious cake with cherries

Cake with cherries
I want to make a delicious cake with cherries recipe

recipe. I start with the products for the cake base.

5 eggs
1 hrs. sugar
2/3 hrs. flour
1/3 hrs. cocoa
1 vanilla
1 equal t.l. baculber
1 hrs. couscous syrup juice

Cream for Cake with cherries

500 g of mascarpone
200 ml of liquid pastry cream
150 g of sugar
2 vanilla
5 tablespoons vinting
500 g of fresh or frozen sour cherries
150 g of sugar
1 ca. vinting

products for the cake
I’m starting to make a sweet cake

1 ca. clean sour cherries
20 g of gelatin (2 sachets)


200 ml of liquid cream
150 g of natural chocolate
40 g of butter
2 tablespoons cocoa

Preparation for Cake with cherries

To make the swamps, first beat the egg eggs very well until they darken and triple their volume. Sift the flour, cocoa, vanilla and baking powder together. Add them with gentle stirring to the egg mixture. Pour the dough into a tortilla shape covered with baking paper. Bake the marsh in a preheated 180 * oven. Leave it to cool and then cut it horizontally with a large bread knife or thread in three pieces.

For the cream, whisk the mascarpone together with the sugar, the vanilla and the varnish. Separate the cream in the snow. Mix the two creams by continuing to crush with a mixer.

For jelly boil the cherries with sugar and stir until it melts. If the fruit does not give enough juice, put 1 h. water. Do not cook for a long time. Fruits must remain solid. Remove them from the hotplate and add to them the wort and the fruit from it. Stir and separate 1 hr. of the loose liquid with which you will syrupy the swamps. Dissolve gelatine with a little water in a water bath and pour it onto the cherry.

technology for making cake
Required products and technology for making cake with cherries

Stir and let everything begin to thicken. Cover the bottom and the walls of the cake form in which you previously baked the nylon foil. Pour the jelly inside and store it in the refrigerator for at least 3-4 hours to tighten well. You can also do this in the freezer.

For the glaze, boil the cream and add the chocolate, chopped into pieces, the cocoa, dipped in some water and the butter. Stir until smooth and allow to cool slightly. The glaze must be liquid. If it starts to tighten quickly, warm it slightly.

Put one bake in a tortelline shape and syrup it with cherry juice. Apply a layer of cream and cover with the second blade. Syrup. Put the jelly cherries on it.

Apply a second layer of cream on the jelly and put the last blade. Again, syrupy and plaster the whole cake on top and side. Pour the glaze into the middle and leave it casually on the cake board. Decorate with sour cherries – fresh, cocktail, frozen or compote. You can garnish with chocolate leaves. Enjoy!