Burn fat with stimulation of the nerves, this is a revolutionary weight loss method invented by Portuguese scientists.

They found that in purposely activating several specific nerve located below and in the fatty tissue, successfully stimulate fat cells to break down, resulting in a faster burning of fat.

Burn fat
Burn fat with stimulation of the nerves, this is a revolutionary weight loss method

Our results provide new hope that we can combat the problem of reducing the sensitivity of the brain of some people to leptin, which is one of the reasons for weight gain.

Also, this discovery allowed us to understand how this hormone controls fat burning in normal situations, said leading the revolutionary Ana Domingos study by the Institute of Neurology at the State University of Porto.

Nowadays, many scientists are trying to invent an easier method for removing excess weight. Sometimes they are good results in other cases investigations reach a dead end. Most studies have been directed to hormones.

The aim is through their stimulation to trick the brain that the body has received enough energy.

stimulation of nerves
Burn fat with stimulation of nerves hunger hormone that signals the brain and regulates fat tissues

Domingos explains that one of these hormones is leptin – a substance simultaneously playing the role of the hormone of hunger and a kind of sensor for fat, which signals the brain of the need to increase or decrease the mass of adipose tissue.

Neurons help weight loss

Scientists are well aware of the function of this hormone, but not how it acts on the body. Watching his work on mice, Dr. Domingos and her colleagues have discovered two unusual things that allow to directly manage the process of burning calories in the body.

The first of these was that adipose tissue contains large amounts of nerve fibers. They, in turn, gave response to leptin, sending signals to the brain. In obese people the transmission of this signal is disrupted and the brain send back a signal that would force these neurons to release leptin molecule, forcing fat tissues to decompose fat.

The experiment of Portuguese biologists has shown that this can be done by force.