Broccoli cleanse the lungs of smokers
Besides broccoli cleanse the lungs of smokers are very tasty food and even raw

Besides broccoli cleanse the lungs of smokers are very tasty food and even raw. Contained in broccoli substances help to cleanse the lungs, the results of a recent study by scientists from London, UK.

It is essential to reduce the accumulation in the lungs of people who systematically abuse cigarettes, the substance sulforaphane, according to studies. It is distinguished by the ability to re-trigger or accelerate the activity of macrophages.

Namely macrophages most dependent lung condition because they are white blood cells that care for the elimination of bacteria and particles emitted by them, which are superimposed on the bodies of the respiratory system and impede their activities.

Eating Broccoli Soup
easy to prepare and are preferred food

In humans, smoking a long period of time or a day number of cigarettes smoked large, the activity of macrophages is extremely difficult.

Harmful substances and chemicals that penetrate the lungs with cigarette smoke impair the functioning of the system of which depends on the activity of white blood cells and thus cleansing the lungs.

Such a state is observed in patients suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

However, when a smoker consumes broccoli fairly regularly, he procure considerable amounts of sulforaphane.

Thus stimulate natural processes associated with cleansing the lungs, and maintained a good level functioning.

Researchers from Baltimore Sulforaphane can be successfully applied in the treatment of many pulmonary diseases.